Team Ukraine 2018

Hello! We are Yuliia, Max, Inha and mentor Nadiia from colorful Ukraine! Our team is not big. But we are like-minded people and we all want to change our country. How can we do this? We’ll start from ourselves. We’ll show that learning can be interesting and has practical part.

My name is Inha, I’m 18 years old. Now I’m studying mathematical methods of cryptography in the University. Most of all I’m waiting for the FGC thanks to the opening opportunity of new acquaintances and communication with people who are also interested in this field. Now the technologies are not standing still and are developing at a very high speed and now one of the most important is the creation of intelligent programs. In my opinion, it’s best to use it together with robots and then you can get incredible results.
I do not see the point in thinking about the future, because I want to create it right now, and then come what may.

My name is Max. When my friend offered me to take part in the FIRST Global Challenge I happily agreed. I submitted my resume on the hope that I would be elected and I will have the opportunity to get an interesting experience. That’s what happened. I was chosen at this place among other people, why I am very happy. Now I have the opportunity to gain experience with interesting people and competitions in the world arena. I am going to do everything to complete my team’s victory, because it will be a victory not only for me personally or for my team, it will be the victory of my country. My goal is to develop something based on modern engineering and smart things to make life better for people all over the world. In my opinion, the main direction of the development of modern technology is peaceful goals to help humanity. I have a dream about the future, where technologies are accessible to all, and I will strive for it.

My name is Yuliia. I am 16 years old. I was born and now live in one of the most breathtaking cities of Ukraine – Kyiv. From childhood I was interested in computer technologies. Then I was faced with programming and understand that I like it. So I study in Polytechnic lyceum of national technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. Now I finished 10th form. Here I met people to have interesting talk with and who show me that if you can control your potential – you can reach high goals. Also, they inspired me to learn programming and hardware to create my first project. Now I am very interested in programming, hardware control and robotics. The first reason I am participating in FIRST Global Challenge is experience that I can get from it. Taking part in it is a great opportunity to test my skills and create something for real life goals. The second reason is great people which I can meet. Because it is interesting to be in place where all combined with the same idea.

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