Team Uruguay 2018

Team Vikings

How did we meet?

It all started in 2011 when Plan Ceibal distributed robotics kits to all educational centers and provided training to all teachers in the country.

From that year onward the robotics teachers wanted to create a robotics workshop at the Higher Technical School “Pedro BlanesViale”, but the students had the great idea of ​​inviting students from another high school in the city to be part of the workshop. Thus the group was formed with students from the High School and the Technical School in the city of Mercedes in Soriano, far from the capital of Uruguay.

The group consists of Yaco Chumillo and Santiago Camesasca, both students from Liceo 1, currently in their 5th year of secondary school (11th grade) studying biological option and UTU, Ignacio García in his 6th year (12th grade) electromechanical, Sahiara Mar in 5th year (11th grade) in construction, and Bethlehem Camesasca also in her 5th year (11th grade) in building.

Our first participation as a team was in the FIRST LEGO League Tournament in 2017 carried out by Plan Ceibal where we obtained the second place. We all joined together in our common interest in robotics and learning to work as a team, but more than anything, having fun doing what we like working in our free time when we did not have classes.

Energy Situation

Energy is fundamental to the lifestyle we have, to take care of it, to save and to make the population aware of the correct use of it is fundamental for caring for and prolonging its use.

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