Team Uzbekistan 2018

Assalamu Alaikum! We are the team Uzbekistan and it is our first participation in the FIRST Global Challenge. It is a great honor for us to represent the youth potential of Uzbekistan in the contest. Our group is comprised of 5 members, coming from different parts of the country, and all of us share the same passion – robotics.

Uzbekistan is a very young country located at the heart of Central Asia, bordering with all other 5 countries of the area. Although we reached our independence a quarter century ago, today we are developing so fast. We are the country full of natural resources, a huge automobile industry and fertile agricultural lands.

In recent years, science and technology innovation in education became popular topics for the whole country. The year 2018 was named as the year of Innovation Development, by the President and the Ministry of Innovation Development established as the governmental body. Now it is our turn to wave our flag in the international competition and we aim high!

Khumoyun Khaydarov (Constructor)
My name is Khumoyun and I am 16. My love towards technology started 5 years ago when I learned how to build electronic crane from watching videos from YouTube. After that I worked on several machines like a smart fan system, Arduino based multi-meter, and mobile fridge. I was the winner of Young Inventors competition in 2018 on the republic stage. In the future, I want to bring innovation into production and governmental systems.

Muhammadamin Umarov (Designer, constructor)
I am Muhammdamin and I am 17. I build my first car model when I was 5. Since then I have had passion for moving models. In 2012, I studied in the International school of air and space named after Shavkat Vokhidov. In 2018, I also participated in the “Altin Tuyun” young inventors’ competition in Kyrgyzstan and want to bring success to my team in FGC with my skills. I learn English and play soccer with my friends to have fun in my free time.

Bunyodbek Zaripov (constructor)
My name is Bunyodbek and I am 18. My interest in robotics and electronic devices started from my early childhood. I carry a screwdriver with me all the time and learn systems of broken devices, collect working parts and use them to build my own machines. So far, I have been a participant of the exhibitions and competitions on the republic stage. Now, I want to participate in this international competition and exchange skills and knowledge with my peers from different countries.

Nodirjon Yusufov (Team manager)
I’m Nodir (23) and I recently graduated from Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, with the Bachelor of Science title in the field of mechanical engineering. I had an international experience while I was in West Virginia University as an exchange student for my last semester. I love science and I think it is the key for all global issues we face today. Thus, my aim is to educate youth of my country with passion for science. In FGC I am a team manager.

Davronbek Toshpulatov (Team Mentor)
My name is Davronbek, I am 25 and in this competition, I am mentoring the team Uzbekistan. During my university years, I was the leader of the team “Robo-Technics” who worked on mechatronics projects. I also gained experience while organizing Robotics competitions in my university, as well as Central Asian Robotics Challenge. I think participating in FGC is going to be another great milestone for me and I look forward to gaining huge experience from this event.

Akbarkhon Sobirkhonov (Team head coordinator)
I am Akbarkhon, I’m 22 and I work in the Innovation center under the Ministry of Innovation development of Uzbekistan. I think the country who invests in their youth will never lose and I am glad to be a part of this investment. I am coordinating the team Uzbekistan in the FIRST Global Challenge and would like to wish good luck to all teams.

As a team, we believe that competitions like FGC will be a valuable asset in building bridges among creative youth and we look forward to further future cooperation with our peers.