Team Vanuatu 2018

SMART Sistas is an initiative that strives to empower girls to bridge the gender gap in the ICT field. In 2017, SMART Sistas took part in the Inaugural FIRST Global Challenge in Washington, DC to represent and fly the Vanuatu flag. The team came 100th in match point rankings. This year, they have stepped up to fund their own registration and secured their Robot Kit which safely arrived in Vanuatu and the Girls are working hard on their Robot for this year’s challenge already. They are exhausting every opportunity to fundraise to attend the FGC in Mexico City. The all-girls team is looking forward to competing and representing their Country again this August at the FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico, City.

Team member: Lilia Raptigh
I am interested in robotics as I like building, designing and coding. Coding helps my Team to produce successful apps using modern technology. I am an outstanding student in Maths and Science, which will encourage me in developing my pathway to be a software engineer in the future. I like listening to music and enjoy watching horror movies, because it shows how creatively the movie makers programmed to capture and get the watcher’s interest. One important thought in life is ‘I can only be excellent in something if I love it and commit myself into it’ for example, participation in ICT activities, listening to expert/ professional sharing their experiences and then taking part in a robotics challenge, an exposure that developes enthusiasm/ inspiration that if others can do it, then I can, and gender would not be a barrier for me in achieving my aim in life.

Team Member: Casandra Olul
I have been part of Team Vanuatu last year at the 2017 FGC in Washington DC. I am so happy to be part of the Team again this year. I am interested in Robotics because I like seeing people coming together to build something that would help our community and our country. My favorite subjects are Mathematics and Basic Science. One of my hopes for the future is to help future development of Robots in Vanuatu. I am very good at building Robots and if I got stuck with something I am not afraid to ask for help and am also talkative and polite.

Team Media