Team Venezuela 2018

We are an independent team of robotics enthusiasts dedicated to the implementation of STEM activities and robotics competitions in Venezuela.

We are the only Venezuelan-based robotics team active in international competitions.

We are pioneers of the STEM field in Venezuela. Our ultimate goal is to educate and give opportunities for all the youth of our country.

Energy Situation

The energy situation in Venezuela has been in decline due to malfunction of the main power plants in the country, difficult access to foreign exchange and some timely maintenance of power plants the country has made have electricity during the 24 hours a day is a luxury, despite the efforts of national institutions Venezuela is also affected in the electric field thanks to the fact that many of the main electric power generating plants work thanks to water reservoirs which have been seen affected by climatic changes and little maintenance. Despite the research done by many university students and the large amount of natural resources that our country has, we continue to have daily energy problems.

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