Team Venezuela 2018

We are an independent team of robotics enthusiasts dedicated to the implementation of STEM activities and robotics competitions in Venezuela.

We are the only Venezuelan-based robotics team active in international competitions.

We are pioneers of the STEM field in Venezuela. Our ultimate goal is to educate and give opportunities for all the youth of our country.

Energy Situation

The Venezuelan electric system is passing through a historical decline. The lack of maintenance and qualified personnel, climate change, and the phenomenon of “El Niño” have damaged the electrical infrastructure, making outages more and more regular with the passing of the years. The principal sources of energy in our country are hydroelectric and thermoelectric power. Since the demand of energy increased in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and as the population grew, the need for a renovation of the electric system has been a big necessity over these last two decades. We are still using really old machinery, and the very few that have been renewed are equally damaged. Aside from that, campaigns to make the energy “public” have destroyed the meritocracy, creating more job vacancies than was affordable for CORPOELEC (Public Organization that looks after the Energy Service for all Venezuelans), damaging work conditions and causing the income of workers (especially the more capable ones) to lower critically, leading to a “talent drain”, since it is more convenient for professionals to leave Venezuela than stay in the country. All this said, in the last decade government organizations have made aggressive campaigns towards their employees, forcing them to favor the official political party, making an even more tense work environment, leading to a lack of supervision and maintenance. This, with a clear and big absence of investment, have left us, especially in the drought seasons, with a daily basis of outages and blackouts of several hours, and even days, in some regions.

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