Team Bahamas 2019 🇧🇸

Team Bahamas 2019 is comprised of 5 high school level students (Aged 13-17) who attend St. Augustine’s College located in Nassau, The Bahamas.  All students on this team has been in the Google CS First Program, a program functioned by Google to help students understand the basics and key values of Computer Science, for 2+ years.

Head Programmer Matthew Gittens (Aged 16)
Matthew Gittens, a Google CS First member for 4+ years, is a highly educated student who has a keen interest in the fundamentals of coding and robotics. He is also a focused member of the STEM Program. He is very inspired by the opportunity to be in this competition.

Head Builder – Jee’von Pratt (Aged 15)
Jee’von Pratt, a Google CS First member for 3 years, is a well-trained student who has a high interest in the STEM Program. He is an excellent thinker and problem solver, willing to complete any tasks required to make the robots he builds function.

Secretary / Programmer / Builder – Nadege Charlton (Aged 17)
Nadege Charlton, a Google CS First member for 4+ years, performs her tasks with the best mindset. She is greatly trained in programming and robotics, and really enjoys her time working with it. She has the special tasks of being a Programmer and Builder, which she really appreciates.

Team Representative / Builder / Programmer – Abria Smith (Aged 16)
Abria Smith, a Google CS First member for 4 years, plans to take on her Computer Science skills in turn for a career, she is the most excited person on the team, and is enjoying the opportunity to represent her country. She also has high interest in the STEM Program, in which she would love to use as an advantage in the competition.

Programmer / Builder – Zyontae Adderley (Aged 13)
Zyontae Adderley, a Google CS First member for 2 years, wants to fulfill his goal of being a specialized Computer Scientist, and plans to work for Google Inc. He is the youngest of the team, but has the spirit of a leader. He is highly intrigued with the STEM Program, and the amount of knowledge he achieved from it. He has been learning how to do coding, scripting, and programming since he was 10, and plans to continue until he finishes high school and college.

Mentor / Coordinator – Mr. Dauran McNeil
Mr. McNeil, an educator for the Google CS First Program, is the overseer of Team Bahamas 2019. This amazing teacher has taught everyone on the team the basics and core values of both Computer Science and robotics, and acts as an inspiration to everyone on the team. He makes it his biggest effort to have his students enjoy this seemingly boring concept of Computers, rather than using it for communication purposes.

Mentor / Assistant Coordinator – Mrs. Shanakay Arthurs
Mrs. Arthurs, an educator for the Google CS First Program, is the guide of Team Bahamas 2019. Mrs. Arthurs is the teacher that taught everyone on the team their first steps into Computer Science, along with Mr. McNeil. She is a special asset to the Google CS First Program in St. Augustine’s College, as she encourages her junior members their first steps into Computer Science and robotics. The Team sees her as a great mentor.

Team Bahamas 2019 is ready to take on the competition in Dubai, and will do everything they can to make the best piece of innovation they can!

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