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Team Cambodia is a combination of five students from three different provinces and a city. All team members have very different backgrounds. Yet, they all are interested in robotics and this is a priceless opportunity for them to join the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge.

Sreynaj is a 10th grade student at E2STEM Education in Phnom Penh. Before passing the entrance exam to study at E2STEM, she was studying at Kor Koh secondary school which is located in a rural village almost 400 km from Phnom Penh. After having the opportunity to touch a computer for the first time in her life, she has become very passionate about coding and has taken a few computer programming courses as well as worked as a volunteer instructor to other students. In the future she wants to become a computer engineer and help her village to automate their farming using technology.

Sou Many is a student studying in grade 10 in E2STEM Education, Cambodia. She became inspired in Robotics when she saw her friends participating in a STEM Festival back in February 2019 and then she got involved in the World Robot Olympiad, June 2019. She believes that robotics helps students in their learning because it makes people like herself think more creatively and gain knowledge in how technology solves society’s problems. In the future she wants to be a robotics engineer​ ​developing AI technology used in transportation.

Sophea is from Prey Veng province and is a student in grade 10 at E2STEM Education in Phnom Penh. His experience with robots and coding projects at E2STEM has inspired Sophea to pursue his career in mechatronics. Besides building his projects for showing during STEM exhibitions, he also took part in a coding program called Coding Cats in which his project was selected to be showcased during the closing ceremony. Sophea aspires to be a mechanical engineer working on a robot that can help build skyscrapers so that no worker risks falling from a high building.

Panha is a grade 10 student at E2STEM Education, Cambodia. Before he studied at E2STEM, he created cars using old DC motors and other used components. He also participated in STEM festival and World Robotic Olympiad competition in Cambodia. He is interested in robotics because he thinks it helps to solve many problems happening in the society as well as in the world. In the future, he wants to be a robotics engineer using technology to solve traffic problems. He also wants to inspire other people to be interested in robotics.

Solita is a 10th grader in E2STEM education. She is interested in robotics because once she came to E2STEM, students needed to make projects for science and engineering festival in Cambodia which is their first ever big project. At first, she didn’t know what to do because she never experienced things like this before, but she saw some of her friends plan that they’re going to build a robot car. And for her it sounded so interesting because she never saw or made one before, which let her feel more excited to experience it. That is how she started to join in robotics fields. In Cambodia the traffic accident rates are very high, which is one of the most concerned problems that the government needs to take care of. From what she saw everyday, traffic police are very tired because they have to protect us and they have to stand under the sun all day but at night they have to rest so they can’t work at night and that’s the reason which makes her want to build traffic police robots so the robots can work at night. Based on her experiences, she has joined many competitions and many groups which let her to learn more about robotics and teamwork. Since now robotics is one of the things that she loves to do, in the future she would love to be an electronic engineer.

Our team is very excited to participate in the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge because we are really interested in STEM and robotics. Moreover, it is not only about the robotic competition but it is also about how to solve problems happening in the real world today. Therefore, this is a priceless opportunity for us to join the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge.

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