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Team Cameroon is made up of five members: two girls and three boys. They attend the same school, Tassah Academic Complex, and all belong to the STEM club (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We are all passionate about technology and hope to use their skills to change the narrative for our country and to make a difference in our community.

Kuate Kamga Brayan Armel (Team Captain)
Kuate Kamga Brayan Armel is a High school student in Tassah Comprehensive Secondary School Yaoundé, Cameroon. He grew up in Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon and he is 17 years old. His favorite hobby is football, and he likes singing and reading. Physics is his best subject because it involves a certain level of abstract reasoning.

He is and has been a member of the STEM club in his school for 6 years now. He got inspired by other dynamic and ambitious youths in his community and developed an interest in STEM. He started by building simple electrical circuits and mini-robots using the Arduino microcontroller. As a result, he got fascinated by robots and was passionate about programming these controllable devices. He aspires to develop his STEM skills and be part of the generation that will change the world.

Nguefo Kowo Kamille Xaviera (Team spokesperson)
Xaviera is a high school student in Tassah Comprehensive Secondary School and she is 16 years old. When she was younger she had an obsession for games. Each game played was a new rule to follow. It was another way to regulate herself and curb her ego. It was a fair fantasy world where the person playing ends up winning. Later, she started graphical programming with Scratch. Unconsciously, she acquired skills in logical and algorithmic thinking. She developed an understanding of social concepts, such as cooperation and competition, and was able to think more objectively.

Through the FIRST Global Challenge, she was astonished at how her interest for games could become a passion for STEM, passion for robotics, passion for her community issues, passion for girl empowerment, and more importantly, passion to know more. She looks forward to applying that cognition in real life. She wants to break some stereotyped rules and set new ones. She wants to inspire other youths and as well as make her country go further.

Momo Itembe Durel Junior (Team driver)
Momo is a high school student in Tassah Comprehensive Secondary School in Yaoundé, Cameroon. He is passionate about technology and likes dismantling his toys to understand how they function. He became so interested in robotics after he opened his toy car and was surprised by the way the different components were put together for the car to function. He is a young Cameroonian with the hope of becoming a computer engineer to help solve problems using robotics and artificial intelligence. His hobbies are playing video games and researching sciences. His favorite subjects are Computer Science and Mathematics.

Besides, he has mounted and programmed mini robots using the Arduino microcontroller. To acquire more skills, he has been fully engaged in teaching himself how to build and program robots. He is a Bronze and Silver medal recipient of the Duke of Edinburg’s International Award. What is unique about Momo is that he is open to exchanging ideas with peers and learns better while sharing.

Tanwie Bruno Adey (Team Programmer)
Bruno is 17 years old and a high school student in Tassah Comprehensive Secondary school in Yaoundé, Cameroon. He likes programming and will like to become a computer programmer in the future. Apart from programming, he is also interested in robotics. He developed this interest at the age of 10 due to the love he had for creativity, design and problem-solving. This made him buy toys and experiment on them to understand how they worked, to be able to mount and program them. With this initiative, he realized that he could solve common community problems through building and programming of robots.

His hobbies are playing soccer, basketball, video games, and learning how to design and program games. His favorite subject is physics, but he also loves Computer Science and Mathematics and he is a recipient of silver, bronze and gold medal from the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Cameroon. He is very inquisitive in learning new things, especially about technology.

Yazama Yere Divine (Team Builder)
Divine is a form four student in Tassah Comprehensive secondary school Yaoundé, Cameroon. She became interested in building robots at the age of twelve when she joined the STEM club in her school. Since then she has been passionate about robotics, especially with the precision with which robots are built and programmed. She has taken out time to research more about robotics and from her peers in the STEM club as well.

As a result, she joined Team Cameroon who will be representing Cameroon at the FIRST Global Challenge. Divine aims to improve on her technical skills and knowledge in robotics to be able to solve common problems faced in her community. She aspires to bring a change in her community as far as agriculture, industrialization, journalism, and standards of living are concerned. Her favorite subjects are biology and literature. Her favorite hobbies are playing volleyball and singing, and she plays in the school’s volleyball team. She intends to be a distinguished journalist in the future.

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