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It is for our responsibility today to come together and address the biggest global issue the whole world is facing and keep the environment safe and better for the generation to come. Because CAR is a closed country with no access to the ocean, some common thought may be that we are not concerned by the ocean issue, which is not true because this is a global issue, and for the sake of international solidarity we must also be involved to make nature safe. It is important for decision makers to come together with necessary policies and define legal frameworks to oblige most polluted industries to respect environment-protected guidelines and also to strengthen communication on ocean pollution.

Benjamin, 15 years old, is a junior high school student. When he was 7 years old, he was already thinking of making a robot that could help doing some housework he was asked to do (cleaning the house, drawing water from the water pipe some meters far from home, transporting the goods back from the farm, etc.). he is very excited now to build a robot that will solve some of the problems his community is facing.

Brunita, 14 years old, is a final junior high school student: I was very happy to represent for the very first time my country to the FIRST Global competition in Mexico. I didn’t know much about robots before, but for now I am very confident I could create my business center whereby robots will be replacing human works. I was very excited to visit Mexico and to link with others marvelous people around the world. I can just imagine how Dubai will be…??

Gracia, 17 years old: I am a senior high school student. I have a very great interest in technologies, and specially the engineering profession. Participating in this competition is the best opportunity FIRST Global is giving to me to build capacity for my journey ahead and become a robotics engineer.

Harry Gael, 18 years old is a final High school student in Electro-mecanical basic level engineering. He has over three years experiences in objects programming and a key person for the CAR team. His passion for robotic is very committed.

Borisrael, 13 years old, high school student is very passionate about STEM. He is first class A student and is very committed to perform his knowledge of robotics. He is very excited to join CAR team and his contribution to the design of the robot is valuable.

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