Team Côte d’Ivoire 2019 🇨🇮

Our team has moved from 0 experience (since 2017 FG Challenge) to about 85% confidence and experience in robotics (to date), comparing with other kids of our age and of the same nationality, We are humbled by the opportunity given and through the exposure we got from FIRST Global, our dreams and life have changed forever. At the game we are looking forward to taking home at least one award.

This will be a success for our country and we are honored to represent our country. As young as we are, we will always value the opportunity and very soon the seeds of FIRST Global will start being observed in Ivory Coast, as beautiful as our country is. It is ranked among the first Cacao producers in the world, a country with the most fertile land, the 5th coffee producer, and among the top 10 welcoming country to foreigners in the continent, where not only do we allow foreigners to live in our country, but to also become part of their land, where they can work, build houses, and even have generations. With such potential, we aim to leverage our existing potential to add to that diversity a mix of STEM, which will boost innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our story may not be the most perfect, but depending of where we are coming from, it is a worthwhile story to share, for us, for the many nights we spent unable to figure out the solution, putting our mistakes on some of our colleagues, we had learnt to come down and understand the solution must come from us alone. We have never experienced that before we were used to have our parents or siblings handling all issues for us, and we take it as a plus. With the help of FIRST Global, we have moved to the next level of maturity. We can at least have a dream and work toward them, we did not know what a mentor is before joining the program, and now we do.

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