Team Democratic Republic of the Congo 2019 🇨🇩

Meet FIRST Global Team DRC 2019: Bacigale Franck, Julia Lugano and Hugues Mweze. One girl and two boys eager to make a difference through STEM.

All of them come from a small town in the eastern part of the DRC’s Great Lakes region, Bukavu. It is a region affected by terror of armed groups, touched by multiple chronical diseases, where war caused a lot of problems like violence to women.

FIRST Global constitutes a way of giving DRC kids ‘hope’ by blessing them with the possibility to compete with people who are coming from better places, bigger schools with better infrastructure. It is showing these kids that there is no limit when it comes to knowledge, they are also good enough to sit in the same room as all the other kids, there are possibilities to build a better world around them.

The DRC is the most water-rich country in Africa. It accounts for approximately 52 percent of Africa’s surface water reserves and 23 percent of Africa’s internal renewable water resources. Garbage dumping in water is at its peak in the whole country and this having a bad impact in the environment and health. People are dying because water streams are infected with mosquitoes, water is becoming too dirty to be used and is filled with some illnesses (Cholera and Ebola for example), and natural resources are disappearing by the same occasion. If we want to preserve the oceans, we first need to preserve our local streams and for that we need to educate our people and get them out of their ignorance. We all love our planet and want everything to be better for the all beings on earth.

In the same perspective of the 2019 FIRST Global competition themed around clearing the ocean of pollutants, our group of youngsters wanted to show to the world that there is some hope for the world in general and for our country in particular. 

We are very excited to participate in the 2019 FIRST Global challenge. We will combine teamwork, creativity and discipline to compete, have fun and learn for the good of our community and our world.

Go DRC ????

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