Team Djibouti 2019 🇩🇯

Djibouti, located at the crossing of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, is the gateway to East Africa and will participate for the first time in the FIRST Global Challenge, the largest youth competition on the continent.

Highly committed to its mission of making Djibouti youth the spearhead of the innovators and leaders of tomorrow, the Center for Technology and Innovation for Development better known by the acronym CTID, has in perspective of this event, selected 5 girls and boys passionate about STEM having shone in the past in the various training programs.

From 14 to 17 years old, our young participants come from the capital, but also from the regions of the interior of the country. They are called ILEYS AOULED, SIMANE MOHAMED, MADINA ALI, AFTAB MOHAMED, and ADNANE AMIN. Enthusiasm and motivation are at the heart of our young robotics fans, who see this competition as an opportunity to place Djibouti in the global mapping of robotics and proud to show its skills to the world.

For ILEYS, this competition and the theme on the “oceans” will be the perfect opportunity to join his two passions to know the environment and robotics and to disassemble his immense qualities. He is the youngest programmer in the Republic of Djibouti and to his credit already has several projects, including the smart bin project he had the honor to present to the President of the Republic at a forum organized around adolescents and young people in Djibouti in June 2019. His challenge is therefore to become more involved in environmental problems and the fight against the waste that the population is facing in his country. “I will continue to express my creativity through innovation and the development of new machines that can make life easier and better for people. The FIRST Global Challenge is the perfect opportunity to show the world the potential for innovation of the Republic of Djibouti through our young people.”

For MADINA and SIMANE, the FIRST Global Challenge is a competition that will allow them to meet girls who are passionate about STEM in the world and later to inspire girls from Djibouti to take an interest in robotics. It is therefore an excellent opportunity to promote technological science among young Djibouti girls and to show young girls that robotics should not be considered only a male discipline. For AFTAB, robotics can play an effective role in understanding the phenomena related to global warming. ADNAN AMIN thinks that this competition will allow him to connect with other young people from all over the world and that he will bring his experience to his village of Weah.

All these young people repeat in chorus that their mission will not only be to win the competition, but also to become agents of social change by applying science and technology. In the meantime, our five young participants plan to work very hard and succeed in their studies to contribute to the development of their country, which is ultimately the philosophy of the CTID.

“Our commitment to youth through the CTID is to provide young people with the tools and technical knowledge they need to succeed in life and to motivate others in the processes of social change in our country, and by extension, the African continent. It is our responsibility to empower the youths to become the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, able to work together for the success of the African continent,” said SAMATAR ABDI OSMAN, Director General of the Center for Technology and Innovation for Development.

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