Team France 2019 🇫🇷

France is one of the largest and most influential countries in Europe and the world. Its interesting history, beautiful monuments and tourist destinations, unique cuisine, and food make France stand out from most countries. Our team comes from the capital of France, Paris, famously known as the city of light and capital of fashion.

The five of us all share a passion for STEM and have come together to participate in the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge to represent our amazing country and to work together on something we all love.

Pranav Sreedhar, Team Leader
Pranav is 17 years old and a senior at the American School of Paris. He loves listening to music and playing tennis, but what he loves most is involving himself with STEM projects. As a young kid, he has been interested in LEGO and K’NEX, leading to his interest in building robots. Furthermore, his exposure to several coding classes has enabled him to become a formidable programmer. Taking IB Math HL and IB Physics HL these past two years, and AP Calculus BC and AP Computer Science A in his sophomore year (on which he received fives) have given him a strong foundation for robotics. Pranav would like to be either an electrical engineer or a computer scientist when he grows up. He is the president of his school’s robotics club and the leader of his school’s Zero Robotics and FIRST team. He was the lead coder for the Zero Robotics competition—an MIT competition sponsored by NASA, ESA, and CASIS—and helped get his school’s team to the finals, where they ran their code in the ISS. He is also certified Java developer and has previously created Android and iOS mobile applications.

Vignesh Sreedhar, Lead Coder
Vignesh is 17 years old, a senior at the American School of Paris. From taking several programming courses in school including AP and IB Computer Science to learning programming languages and developing apps in his own free time, Vignesh loves computer science. He has been a part of the school robotics club last year, helping the Zero Robotics and FIRST Tech Challenge team by using his experience in coding. Vignesh intends to major in computer science in college and eventually work in a tech company. He is not only a certified Java developer, passing the Oracle Junior Associate Exam with 91% and securing a 5 in AP Computer Science, but he has–along with his twin brother–developed multiple mobile apps to help his community.

Aubin Guyon, Lead Builder
Aubin is a 14 year old student at the Saint Joseph School of St Cloud (Paris). He is fascinated by science and mathematics, and most importantly, he is always looking to expand his knowledge of “the how” in our world. Three years ago, thanks to his cousin, he discovered robotics as a way to gain experience in STEM and build something he wanted, something cool. At that time, he focused his energy on the greatest human adventure, sending humans to the moon. For instance, with his arduino card and the other materials, he is trying to replicate some programs of the moon module used by the Apollo 11 team. Aubin aims to become an engineer in the future.

Coline McEachern, Public Relations Manager and Lead Designer
Coline is 14 years old and is in her sophomore year at the American School of Paris. She has always been an innovative person infatuated with designing and creating gadgets. She was first introduced formally to STEM projects in middle school through a Design and Innovation class. She has since combined art and technology in service learning at the American School of Paris.

Luca Monti, Driver and Public Relations
Luca is 18 years old and has been attending the American School of Paris for a year and a half. He is a car enthusiast since he was two, fascinated by the precision needed and the teamwork required to build such a piece of engineering. With his collection of LEGO, he has used his imagination to build cars. As he grew older, he was introduced to the fascinating world of computers and started trying to push each machine to its limit. Furthermore, in the 9th grade he was given the challenge to build a robot with an arduino card programmed with MBlock and controlled by an app realized by MIT App Inventor. His last full immersion in technology was done at MIT by attending a C++ programming summer camp. In the near future he plans to take IB Computer Science and delve even more into STEM.




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