Team Georgia 2019 🇬🇪

Poetry (Words from team rap song ☺)

can we kick it

yes we can

can we do it

yes we can

can we build it

yes we can

can we move it

yes we can

can we srutving

yes we can

can we toss it

yes we can

can we win it

yes we can

well we’re flyiing


to Dubai on the challenge FIRST Global

with our mortal combat robot

will introduce our team

cause we’re definitely gonna win

here comes Sophi the great

building robots since she’s been eight

flying rockets making us all proud

even nasa in front of her bowed

With Sophi there Shako goes

Treating robots like his broes

Tallest cruly engineer in town

His Tekla attacks deserve crown

Shalva sophi Tekla in the middle

Handy works well even with the needle

Makes curly Shako really jealous

Administer Tekla why tell us

Here Mashiko, seen dancing

Learning robotics programming advancing

In games creativoty shes our mayor

Right now shes the poem sayer

Kila from far is seen waving

In IT for years consulting aiding

Last year bodybuilding first place

This year got thin, such a pity case

Shalva Masho Tekla Sophi

Nikusha somoene missing for trophy

Ioane sitting and playing

Tanki online for winning he’s praying

In programming knocks everyone out

His fan club is ready to scream and shout

Shalva Tekla Mashiko

Io Sophi Kila

Get ready here we go

The squad of killas

Ioane Kapanadze
“I’m the programmer guy of the team. I love science subjects. I started learning programming back when I was in the fifth grade. Since then, I’ve been successfully participating in various informatics olympiads. Then, I got interested in robotics and I studied it in a robotics school. One of my friends participated in FIRST Global two years ago, and when she told me about it, I got interested. Last year, although I didn’t go to Mexico, I still worked on the robot, which took Bronze Prize in the competition. This year, I’m the part of Team Georgia and I’m very proud of it, and I hope we’ll improve last year’s results.”

Tekle Khmiadashvili is currently a junior at the Guivy Zaldastanishvili American Academy. Tekle had always been curious about STEM subjects and studied them with great interest and enthusiasm. She took part in many competitions. Student company Llampa, where Tekle was a cofounder, represented Georgia on the Company of the Year Competition in Lille, France. She participated in Hardware Hackathon with her team and deserved honorable mention. Tekle was also chosen as a camper at WiSci STEAM camp. For two years already, Tekle has been teaching logics and science at the Saturday School. She thinks that this activity really helps her to grow not only academically, but as a person too. Besides STEM, Tekle loves art and music. In her free time she paints or plays the piano. These activities really help her to think differently and synthetize various fields of study to get an creative and effective product.

Sophio Chikhladze, spokesperson, is an 11th grader who participated in many national and international challenges. She is a 4 time first-place winner in Maths and a 6 time first-place winner in English Language Olympiads held across Georgia. Sophio has participated the US Embassy Project “WiSci” Girls’ STEM camp and completed trainings with Google, Intel, and Microsoft mentorship. Her student company “Llampa” became the best Company of the Year 2019 in Junior Achievement’s national competition and represented Georgia in the international startup fair. Her team also became winner of Startup camp Georgia 2019 with their business idea “RoboKit”, a project for the development and popularization of STEM in Georgia. Her latest success is winning the Millennium Innovations Award, Georgia’s Nationwide STEM Challenge, where she presented innovative Barney’s Smart Labyrinth, in collaboration with her 4 other teammates. Outside the school, Sophio enjoys coding, teaching, creative writing, and cycling.  

Shalva Begiashvili, captain, is a 17 year old junior who wants to become a computer engineer. He loves science and has decided that this is the right career for him since participating in the FIRST Global Challenge. Other than science, he likes math and architecture. Shalva thinks that the world is binary and symmetrical. Along with these, he loves sports and plays basketball in his free time. 

Mashiko Lortkipanidze
“I am 16 years old. I am currently a junior and the president of my class. I like math and am interested in physics and philosophy. Actually I always liked projects, where I had to use both my creativity and logics. Therefore I have participated in several intellectual games. The FIRST Global Challenge is a very fascinating and exciting challenge for me.”



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