Team Ghana 2019 🇬🇭

Jessica Mawuenam Dellason, Captain
I am a determined 3rd year student of Wesley Girls’ High School. I believe that with STEM, every girl child is capable of solving any problem, as far as she sets her mind to it. I am passionate about robotics because it is one of the few fields in which I get to make my ideas practical.

In as much as FIRST Global Challenge is a competition, it is a platform for youths from all over the world to socialize and give their ideas on challenging issues. Hence, being part of it will broaden my network as well as help me learn from other visionary youth like myself.

Participating in this competition means a lot to me because through this I get to encourage other female youth in my country that we are not to limit ourselves because we can do whatever it is that we plan on, provided we are determined.

Emmanuella Appiah, Programmer
I am a 3rd year student of Methodist Girls’ High School. I love playing games, listening to music, coding, and manipulating tech gadgets.

Mathematics is my favourite subject because calculations and problem- solving are interesting to me and this made me develop an interest in robotics since it involves lots of that.

I believe that everyone has the ability to positively impact society and through Robotics, I get an avenue to bring my ideas and imagination to life by creating robots which perform the task I program it to do.

Bevelyn Appiah, Human Player/Spokesperson
I am a 3rd year student of Wesley Girls’ High School. To begin, robotics was always just a hobby . An extracurricular activity I could just participate in. All that changed when I entered high school. I realized that there was a perception that robotics was too difficult for girls and also that General Arts girls don’t do robotics. I wanted and still want to change that perception.

FIRST Global affords me the opportunity needed to achieve this feat. Participating in First Global in an all-girls team is a way to prove people wrong and to let them know that girls can build and program robots.

I am learning more about the problems affecting the world through FIRST Global, as well as ways of using technology to fix them. At the challenge, I will get to see a variety of ideas and see what others are doing that I’m not doing for my country and also what I can do to help. FIRST Global for me is a life changing opportunity and one that gives me the chance to prove myself.

Vanessa Achiaa Nyame, Team Driver
I am in my 3rd year at Wesley Girls’ High School. I love reading, listening to music and watching movies. I aspire to enter the STEM field because programming robots has taught me patience and perseverance, which I believe is key to developing in any STEM career.

Through FIRST Global, I’ve had the chance to apply my knowledge in science practically although I’m a General Arts student and this is clear proof that nothing is impossible. Building and programming our robot has also taught me to work better with people which is better than working alone.




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