Team Grenada 2019 🇬🇩

Come take a tour to the spice island where you will meet our team of students. Meet:

Sarsha Newton: Team Spokesperson
My name is Sarsha Newton but everyone just calls me Sarsha… Because that’s my first name. I’m 18 years old and I have a great interest in technology, which is why I joined the robotics club. I keep busy with a lot of other hobbies like girl guides, the student representative council, comic creation, etc. so I’m always running around, but when it comes down to it I’m a team player and someone you can depend on. That’s it… Byeeeeeeeeee!!

Samuel Webster: Team Captain 
Growing up, I was always interested in the mechanics of machines and how things work. Whenever I had the time and resources, I would always be tinkering with things and trying to create new contraptions. This curiosity and enthusiasm is what’s pushing me to become a Mechanical Engineer. To me, robots are just another piece of machine, which I am very much interested in. Added to that, the reality that you can take simple metallic bars, some motors, some rubber wheels, a control system and your imagination, put them together, and create something, ‘something out of nothing,’ is mind-blowing.

Esronna Charles: Engineer
The youngest member of the team has a passion for robotics ever since being introduced to robotics while in secondary school. She represented her school in a national robotic competition held strictly for girls named, “Girls in Robotics”. Esronna also enjoys the beach and cannot imagine a world where people will not get to share in the experience due to pollution.

Daron Cudjoe: Team Driver 
One of the most committed members to the TAMCC Robotics Club, he uses his skills in Computer Systems to program the robots. Daron is also very passionate about learning new skills and brings the party to the gatherings.

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