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Hafa Adai! Team Guam consists of members Bazyll Garcia, Lexis Sablan, Avinash Dhanraj, Benjamin Kim, and Danny Morta. All students are under the Guam Department of Education. The team is guided by mentor Roderick Hidalgo and team manager Dr. Leah Beth Naholowaa. This will be Team Guam’s second time participating in the FIRST Global Challenge. With new and returning members, the team looks forward to working with other teams, gaining experience, and making new friends.

Bazyll Garcia is sixteen-year-old junior attending Okkodo High School and captain of the team. He has been competing in robotics competitions since his freshman year and will continue to do so because he strives to major in mechanical engineering or IT. One of his major goals is to be accepted into the US Naval Academy to attend college there. His personal hobbies besides robotics is to play video games or to join sports. His favorite sports are volleyball, soccer, and track & field. One of his biggest accomplishments was being 1 of the 2 juniors from the entire island of Guam who were accepted into the USNA Summer STEM program this in June 2019.

Lexis Sablan is a seventeen-year-old sophomore at Tiyan High School. She is the co-captain and programmer of her team. This is her first year in the FIRST Global Challenge. Sablan has 6 years of robotics experience including competing in the FIRST LEGO® League. Her passion is coding and programming, and she aspires to major in computer science to become a software engineer. She hopes that participation in the competition among others will help her develop the STEM skills to pursue her career. Honored to be chosen to compete beside many bright individuals, she looks forward to meeting new people and gaining new experience in Dubai this fall.

Benjamin Kim is a fifteen-year-old determined sophomore student at Tiyan High School, Guam. He enjoys playing FPS games, watch videos about the latest technology, and loves robotics. His passion for robotics goes beyond the normal STEM programs at school. Although there are many programs offered in this field, he chose the FIRST Global Challenge. He chose this specific program not just because the competition is international, but it provides diversity. He likes the fact that the competition gathers many brilliant minds together and gain experience for proficiency. And with the proficiency, he will reach for success in his dream college and career.

Avinash Dhanraj, the spokesperson for Team Guam, is a 15-year-old robotics enthusiastic who lives for technology and opportunities. Since his freshman year, he has participated in four robotics competitions, including the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge. Captaining and engineering are his strong suits, building his skill set every year. Coming from the island of Guam, Dhanraj understands how important the world’s oceans are. This year, FIRST endows him with the opportunity to showcase his love for not only robotics, but the Earth’s well-being. In addition to being passionate and driven for robotics, the competitive scene captivates him. Dhanraj is known amongst his friends and teammates for being extremely competitive and determined to make his mark. The innate need to compete paired with Dhanraj’s determination and skills makes him eager as ever to compete in Dubai, representing his home, Guam.

Danny Morta Danny is an 18-year old graduate of Simon Sanchez High School’s Class Of 2019. He is interested in the FIRST Global Challenge for many reasons. He loves math, he loves video games, and he wants to be an engineer, which are all aspects of robotics and what FIRST has to offer. He participated in MATE’s Aquatic Robotics Competition in Guam during his sophomore year, which was the first year Guam had robotics. Before his senior year started in high school, he participated in the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge. He wants to compete in this year’s competition not only to have fun and try to win to make Guam proud, but most importantly to LEARN more about robotics, different cultures, and how other teams came up with their design. He also wants to make more friends internationally.

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