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Team Honduras Robotics 2019 members come from small communities in the border sector southwest of the department of Intibucá, Honduras. Our team is a group of students with different goals, ambitions, and difficulties that they must overcome day by day. Some of us have different purposes in life, different ways of thinking, and different points of view, but we all have the same goal, and it is to focus on finishing our studies and graduating with a university degree; it will allow us to help our communities, our municipalities, our department, and our country. For this reason, we study hard to become great professionals willing to make changes in our society. Most of the young people in our communities do not have the opportunity to attend a High School, neither College. Our families are doing a great sacrifice for us to be in high school. Even though we live in small towns where opportunities and jobs are difficult to find, we know that an education with the use of science, mathematics and technology could change the future of our communities, department and our country.

This year we have decided to continue working with robotics project and face the 2019 challenge. We have been through many difficulties, such as working overtime and finding transportation to be able to attend the meetings we hold every day. Some of us must walk an hour to arrive and return to the meeting place, and many times this is in the rain or the hot sun. At the beginning of the project, most of us were unaware of any knowledge of robotics, but this motivated us to investigate and learn about it. One of the advantages this year is that we have the great support from colleagues who formed the robotics teams in previous years, mentors, and volunteers. Their experience gives us the guidelines to follow to undertake our project and achieve success. We are willing to work and take on the challenge! We will continue with the design, construction, and programming of the robot with the purpose of winning first place in the competition. We are convinced that with a lot of effort and teamwork, it can be possible. It would give us the privilege of being the first Honduran team to win the gold medal in the FIRST Global Challenge. We are aware that in the process we will fail many times, but with practice, we can overcome any obstacle.

Last year, the Honduran Robotics’ team achieved the 16th position in the world ranking and received the silver medal in the Zhang Heng Award for Engineering Design. Now, our goal is to achieve a better position in the ranking World Cup and win prizes.  This goal requires the combined effort from all team members.

This year’s theme, Ocean Opportunities, caught our attention. This issue is happening around the world. The pollution to the oceans is a problem that is affecting everyone.  It is caused by the lack of awareness of humanity in general. Humans believe that they can use the immensity and depth of the oceans to dump trash and chemicals in unlimited quantities without having significant consequences.  Some supporters of continued ocean dumping even have a slogan that says, “The solution to pollution is dilution.” We are aware that we must do something to clean the oceans and save marine life and the planet in general. The Honduran team is ready to help clean the ocean. 

We realize that we must work hard as a team to solve problems that affect our planet.  FIRST Global is teaching us every year how to work united in order to solve them.

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