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I primarily focus on outreach and programming in this team. For me, robotics has been more than just a hobby. Working collectively through hands-on challenges, FIRST exposed me to the fascinating world of STEM and robotics, motivating me to come out of my comfort zone and explore new ideas, without the fear of failing. In addition to contributing to my holistic development as a confident, diligent, and proactive girl, my involvement in outreach activities has taught me the importance of being humble. Similarly, I want to give back to society by creating a friendly environment where the youth of India, especially girls, can freely pursue STEM.

I focus on the fundraising and programming aspect of the FIRST Global competition!! From always describing myself as a “non-technical member” of a robotics team, to being a part of an all-girls team representing India at FGC 2019, STEM has taken over my interests and helped me grow holistically. With the expertise of video making, communication, writing, safety, and public speaking, I have contributed to various robotics teams and lead them to success. Over the years, I have also started developing my design, programming, and strategy skills, forming a well-rounded skill set. I am proud to be a part of team India as I get to spread the powerful message of every girl being capable of getting the same amount of respect and opportunity in the fields of science and technology. The chance to collaborate with the best of the world excited me to get my hands dirty and go full out to bring India to the top of the STEM community.

I primarily work on the programming and strategizing aspect of this competition. I have always been fascinated by sciences, especially astrophysics, from a very young age. I found my place within the astronomy clubs; however, I had always wanted to make something with a tangible form. This is where I stumbled onto robotics. My participation in just one FIRST program has opened my eyes to a boundless yet fascinating world of engineering and challenges. This experience has not only helped me hone my hard-technical skills but also improve my soft skills, like communication and public speaking. Through the powerful platform of the FIRST Global Challenge, I want to not only create awareness of such programs, but also help those who aren’t as privileged or are uncertain about the STEM field. I want to show that anything is possible with passion and determination.

On my team, my focus is on robot construction and game strategy. I love technology and robotics because they give me a creative outlet and a chance to approach problems in new ways. In order for us to keep pace with the changing environment, which is getting increasingly permeated by Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, girls have to be a part of STEM. I want to help forge a path to the future, and so I became a part of Team India, to make a difference. Though the numbers are growing, there still lies a gender disparity in the field and STEM continues to be dominated by males. I hope to motivate more girls to pursue STEM by spreading awareness about it. I am excited to be a part of Team India, to encourage not just girls, but all girls in STEM and change their lives on this pathway to a better tomorrow.

I work on Robot Design and Construction and Electricals in my team. From a young age, I have been fascinated by how things work the way they do. I loved working with my hands and was always either taking something apart or building something. Ideas and questions would ricochet in my head all day, and this boundless inquisitiveness found an outlet for expression when I discovered robotics. After participating in FIRST LEGO® League competitions in the 5th grade, there was no stopping me. Since then, I have been a part of multiple teams for multiple competitions, including FTC and FRC. Throughout these competitions, I have noticed a severe lack in the number of girls, especially on the technical side. I aim to erase this gender gap by inspiring the multitude of girls who I know are capable of so much more! Through Team Geared Up Girls, I want to encourage the youth and girls to pursue STEM, and prepare the next generation for the future.

I was introduced to this program when my daughter participated in FRC. I have been an Outreach and Awards mentor with the first FRC team from India for over 4 years. I enjoy STEM outreach and inspiring the next generation to explore STEM fields. As a mentor with 2 FRC teams, I have really enjoyed engaging with high school students and watching them problem solve. I love my role as a mentor, as every time I meet the students, I learn from them and they show me how bright the future is for STEM fields. I am a recipient of the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award at the Long Island regional in 2019.

Hello everyone! I am team manager. 10 years ago I was introduced to Robotics, and I fell in love with its idea and the science behind it – basically, STEM.  In order to fulfil my passion, I got into robotics and started introducing the idea to schools as a curriculum and to get them to step up Robotic labs within their campuses. Later I  got into deeper discussions with the school heads and owners / trustees of the schools in order to set up schools based around the concepts of STEM Education. Along the way, I was introduced to FIRST Global and got involved in setting up FIRST Global India and helping in selecting Team India to represent the country at the FIRST Global Challenges in 2017 in the USA, 2018 in Mexico, and now 2019 in Dubai.

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