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Hello everyone… we are Team Iraq. The national representation of Team Iraq in the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge and the past two years is one of the projects of the science camp. The science camp is the first physical Maker Space in Iraq, part of the global maker movement and global innovation gathering (gig e.v.) The science camp is working in Iraq to support STEM and technology-dependent entrepreneurship, working together with our international friends on mindset change and a cultural shift towards entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our team consists of students from different schools in Basrah city. They met in the science camp (the Iraqi Maker Space) and developed a connection between each other, and this is the place where they work to represent their country internationally and make relationships with their international STEM-interested peers. Our team is interested and passionate in robotics and STEM fields and each of us has skills that, when combined together, will create a wonderful team with great results. This is our organization’s third time attending the challenge and this participation will allow us to be a source of inspiration for youth in different countries, and we hope that we achieve the results we aspire to.

Mohammed Sadeq, Captain
Technical assistant in Science Camp, GSS Basra Alumni and pharmacy student. Interested in STEM education and hopes to see these fields applied in Iraqi educational institutions. He is highly interested in technology and the future outlooks that modern technology provides, especially in the field of robotics. He participated in the 2017 and 2018 FIRST Global Challenges and saw how STEM could unite youth to work with the same goals of providing a new future where earth and environment are considered the most important subject to be developed and sustained, and to ensure a future for upcoming generations where unity is the belief of all humans around the globe.

Muntader Mohammed, a programmer and a 15 year old student at the Gifted student’s school/ fourth stage. He has already participated in the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge. Muntader loves robotics and designing, he knows several programming languages like C++, and he has done several robots with modern ways of control (like gesture controls). He’s learning new programming languages like java and python.

Zahraa Hussein Jabbar, a 16 year old student at the Gifted student’s school/ fifth grade. She already participated in the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge Iraqi team as a part of media. Zahraa helps to deliver the progress occurring in the process of building the robot to the receiving community by using social media platforms to upload pictures and updates of the team, as well as giving the necessary information about the team’s members.

Ali Naaseif, Driver
Ali has accomplished his last year in high school at Gifted Student’s School. 18 years old, Ali is highly interested in the coordination between hardware and software and has accomplished many projects in such aspects. His favorite subjects are Mathematics and Physics because they are totally dependent on each other, and both can shape the face of robotics. He has already participated in the 2017 and 2018 FIRST Global Challenges and is continuing to the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge.

Mohammed Ali AlAsady, Programer
A 14-year-old student, Mohammed has loved everything linked to the Bionics, Robotics, Designing and programming ever since he was 10 years old. He started with simple useful project that can be used with local community, on the other side he is developing himself on different computer/Robotics languages such as Arduino C, OnBot java, Ardoublock & Pycharm (python). We made a lot of international friends in the 2017 FIRST Global Challenge, and hope to continue the journey in Dubai.

Nawres Arif, Team manager
Iraqi Maker pioneer. Founder of Science Camp (the Iraqi maker space), GIG e.v advisory board member (Global Innovation Gathering (GIG), and IIAA president (Iraqi Independent Alumni Association) for all southern Iraq (IIAA is an NGO registered in Iraq for the US Department of state exchange programs community in southern Iraq). Academically graduated as a pharmacist in 2003, 3D designer & Animator since 2004, and 3D animation mentor. He endeavors to make 100% recycling in the Science Camp.

Hala, team administration and financial assistant
Hala is an architect and designer with a master’s degree in communication management from Malaysia. She is the financial and administrative assistant in Science Camp (the Iraqi Maker Space) that aims to spread the culture of entrepreneurship and technological incubation in Basra. Hala was the leading female team member in the Science Camp and she believes that she’s taking the responsibility of women’s success rather than her personal achievement. She’s working with the Science Camp for achieving the mission of improving Basra’s immature job market, by creating diversity through involving more women in this act. She’s working on the Science Camp’s project of coaching determined local female entrepreneurs by implementing entrepreneurship standards with an Iraqi flavor. She is an innovation-advocate, community and entrepreneurship enthusiast.

Aban Ahmed, Programming Mentor
A civil engineering student/ third stage, Java programming language and Android operating system apps, php language and its technology[ laravel , codeIgnetor ],Mysql and firebase databases , c++/c and also arduino-c. He is also a Game Developer by Unity engine with c# programming language , Developed oz operating system which has a lot of benefits to users, like no viruses, super fast, cross-devices.

Heba Mudher, Media Mentor
A 22 year multilingual IYLEP Alumna. She has a bachelor degree in English translation, works as a media intern at Science Camp (the Iraqi Maker Space) and loves volunteer work.




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