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Sherbol Melisbek is 15 years old and studying in high school. He wants to be a programmer. His interest in programming and computers started when he was 12 years old when he was curious about what was inside a computer. He started robotics last year with Arduino and 3D Modeling. He wants to create a trash recycling laser machine that will split trash in small pieces to use for construction material; it is his one of goals. A lot of animals in the ocean and birds are dying because of trash.

Aisulu is 17 years old. She studied in a robotics course and received a certificate in “Robotics, Electronics and Programming”. It influenced her to become more interested in coding and robotics.  She participated in “Techovation for Girls”. It was a great experience and motivation to continue to learn about coding. In the future she wants to get a quality education and skills, using the acquired knowledge to benefit not only herself, but also Kyrgyzstan.

Aibek studies in high school in Talas and finished the Arduino course last year. He is interested in robotics because he likes to build robots, different cars, ships, tanks, and other mechanical vehicles. He spends a lot of time in robotics class at school, staying late at night sometimes to teach other students about robotics. Last year he helped Kyrgyzstan team that participated in the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico.

NuzupPhysics and Informatics have always been the most interesting subjects for him. He is always an active student in these classes. He has a passion for engineering and programming. Coding is like an art for him. Each time he composes a bit of computer code, he feels like an artist who has created something new, and this inspires him to continue his passion. His enthusiasm for coding started around three years ago when he first took a PC coding class in school where he made basic websites and calculators. From that point on, he was interested in it. He began doing some coding on his own, making different websites and applications. In his free time he has been continuing to follow this passion through additional courses from online sources such as Khan Academy and Coursera.  Robotics is really interesting and joyful for him.

Aigerim is 15 years old. She has been studying robotics since she was 13. She likes it because it’s the mixture of technology’s last innovations and creativity of the author, in her cases simple person’s. She believes that we can’t change the world in one day, but we could try to improve it step by step by implementing such simple, but at the same time powerful, things like robots. She has some coding skills (python, front-end) and she is interested in further development of herself and abilities.

Zhyldyz Apyshova is a manager of the team. She is from a little village in Kyrgyzstan. Since her childhood she had been interested in learning the foreign languages and broadening her knowledge and awareness. She is a senior student of American University of Central Asia studying Business Administration. She has participated in two exchange programs and studied in the USA and France. Throughout several years she has been attending different developmental, educational, and leadership programs. Zhyldyz is passionate about education, media, and social well-being. Therefore, she is engaged in all of them through work as a founding commission member of the Luciana Malana. She wants to help the Kyrgyzstan Robotics Team not only participate at the FIRST Global Challenge, but has a big desire to help them in becoming better versions of themselves.

Saltanat Mambetisaeva is a mentor of the team. According to her friends’ opinion, she was born to help society. Throughout the last 10 years she has implemented the greatest projects that made an enormous impact on social development of the Kyrgyz nation. She has fought against bride kidnapping in rural areas, managed a study zone for Talas city students to attend the different interesting clubs for free, visited many village schools with cultural projects, and worked on many other major social projects. Last year she initiated and fully coordinated the Robotics Team from Kyrgyzstan at the FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico. Because of her long journey working with youth, Saltanat, as a mentor, always supports students in gaining skills and experience.

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