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Luxembourg (officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) is a small country of ~2.500 km2 located in the centre of Western Europe between Germany, Belgium, and France. The capital city, also called Luxembourg, is one of the four official capitals of the European Union and seat of the European Court of Justice. With over 700.000 inhabitants, Luxembourg is known for its startup economy, steel industry, and strong economy. STEM is integrating more and more into school systems in all grades. As such, over 30 schools now feature a makerspace that students from all ages have free access to, and where they can build their own projects or learn new skills. Just this year, the Ministry of Education launched a coding initiative, which takes place in primary schools (ages 8-12) where coding will be a part of weekly regular courses.

With a strong multicultural background, Luxembourg owes a lot of its success to immigration. Today, a mere 46% of the population come from countries abroad, such as Portugal, France, Italy, Cape Verde, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and many more countries. Our diversity in people allows Luxembourg to be an open and broad-minded population where integration is part of our daily lives. Our population speaks 3 languages : French (the administrative language), German and, of course, Luxembourgish.

Henri Ahola
Henri Ahola is a 15 years old secondary student studying at the European School Luxembourg I. He is fluent with many programming languages, including C++, Python, and Java and completed his first university-level programming course at the age of 13. Henri’s biggest achievements include representing Luxembourg in 2019 at the world’s largest youth science fair, Intel ISEF, with his 8-bit processor visualisation tool project and representing Finland in 2018 at the European Junior Olympiad in Informatics. Additionally, he represented his school three times in the European Schools Science Symposium, with a placement in the top three each year. Henri’s favourite movie is the original Matrix and favourite book is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He is a fan of the cybersecurity specialist Mikko Hyppönen and his favourite artists are Darude and the Prodigy. A fun fact about him is that during his (very little) free time, he has written a C++-based emulator for the original black-and-white Game Boy.

Quentin Chambon
Quentin Chambon is a student at the French school of Luxembourg. He discovered programming 2 years ago thanks to a teacher from his school. Very quickly he became interested in Arduino and therefore in the programming language C++. He participated in several MakerFaire/MakerFests and this made him discover all that a passionate person can do with just a few electronic components. Technology has opened up his field of possibilities and changed his way of seeing the world, thanks to what he learned and will learn, he hopes one day to be able to help to change towards a better world. Currently Quentin is working on a project that he wants to present at the “innovez” competition organised by the magazine “Science et Vie Junior». Quentin wants to direct his studies towards engineering studies in the aerospace industry and his biggest dream would be, one day, to be able to join NASA as an engineer or astronaut. Apart from his passion for technology and engineering, Quentin is part of a volleyball team, he plays piano, he is a member of the Scouts, and he loves travelling and learning about new cultures.

Félix Gasiaux
Félix Gasiaux was born in 2004. He has lived since then in Luxembourg. Currently he is a motivated student at the Lycée des Garçons in Luxembourg City. Very young, he started building Lego technics and integrating movement features. Aged 10 he started getting interested in electronics, computers, robots, and flying drones. At 11 he joined the Coder Dojo Luxembourg, where he volunteers at fairs and shows to introduce younger children to Scratch and basic C++. With a couple of friends from Coder Dojo, he participated to the Maker Fair Rosport 2019, for which they build their first robot and programmed it completely. He likes watching Youtube, listening to rap music, playing video games, and watching science fiction movies. He loves traveling to new places. Right now he is looking forward to be in Dubai and is getting excited about the competition and meeting new people.

Mauro Quintes
His favourite subjects in school are: Mathematics, Informatics, and Physics. He started playing with robots with the Lego Mindstorms, later he got interested in robotics because of a MakeBlock that his dad gave him. At the beginning, he didn’t know what to do with the robots, because of all the people he knew he was the only one interested in that kind of hobby. Fortunately, a few years later his school (Maacher Lycée) opened a MakerSpace where there were other people who shared the same kind of passion and with these people he participated in a robotics competition LRYC. His biggest achievement in robotics was getting chosen to represent Luxembourg in this year’s edition of the FIRST Global Challenge.

Atreyam Sharma
Atreyam (Leo) Sharma is a motivated 17-year-old high school student studying at the European School of Luxembourg. He started his career as a teen entrepreneur, coder, teacher, and hardcore gamer. He started coding at the age of 11 and the following year, Co-Founded Workshop4Me in 2013, a non-profit organisation based in Luxembourg, with the objective of developing coding skills among children. He loves the power of technology and wants to share his passion with the world. Atreyam has been addressing leading technology events globally since 2014, including TEDx talks in India and Luxembourg. His passion for robots allows him to solve real-world problems. His love for building as well as coding both get fulfilled by robotics. Leo loves to play video games, listen to Electro music and watch movies, especially Marvel. Unapologetically, his favorite colour is red.

Jose Luis Sanchez Lopez (Technical Mentor)
Jose Luis Sanchez-Lopez is a 32 years old post-doctoral research associate at the University of Luxembourg (since June 2017). He received his Ph. D. in Robotics at the Technical University of Madrid, after being a visiting researcher at Arizona State University (AZ, USA) and at LAAS-CNRS (Toulouse, France). His main research goal is to provide robots, with a special focus on aerial robots, with the maximum level of autonomy allowing them to perform different missions without human intervention. His research interests comprise three main topics: (1) intelligent and cognitive system architectures for multi-agent systems; (2) situation awareness based on sensor fusion and state estimation, localisation and mapping, computer vision, and machine learning; and (3) trajectory and path planning and control.

Shawn Teusch (Assistant Technical Mentor)
Shawn Teusch is 18 years old and is a a high-school student of an IT section. His hobbies are creating and finishing projects, playing volleyball and programming. In his early years, he built a lot of robots with Lego Mindstorms, which is the reason why he became interested in robotics and engineering. To that extent, his interest in Arduino gave him the motivation to start learning new programming languages. Right now, Shawn can program in Arduino coding language, Java, and Swift. A few of his proudest projects are building a desk in which a water-cooled PC is integrated, and an attachment for glasses specifically designed for blind people to help them detect objects close-by. Right now, he’s planning on finishing his shoes that light up an LED strip around the sole when making a step.

Marc Teusch (Team Manager)
Being a computer science software engineer and IT teacher since 2000, Marc invested a lot of time in STEM and its propagation to schools. After his TEDx talk in 2013 about makerspaces, he founded the BEE Creative initiative to bring makerspaces into schools, where students have access to a platform of know-how and infrastructure. Marc accompanied the FIRST Global team Luxembourg to Washington in 2017 and supported the team in 2018 in the China WARC competition. Founder of the “make it” non-profit association, Marc leads the RobotLeague Luxembourg to find the FIRST Global team to participate in the international competitions.




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