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The FIRST Global Team Malta 2019 group consists of five members aged between 16 and 17, all of which have been promoted to their second year of the Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (Software Development). Mentored by technical mentor Thomas Gatt and team manager Conrad Vassallo, Amy Ann Debono (aged 16) is the team leader and was responsible for building the robot alongside Katia Cassar (aged 17), Miraine Galea (aged 17) and Alexander Fiott (aged 17), whereas Mandy Farrugia (aged 17) is responsible for rendering the prototype functional through coding.

Anything from a minuscule prototype to a mainframe is enough to pique Katia Cassar’s curiosity. She appreciates all the work and thought that goes into constituting a fully-functional machine. Throughout the course and the competition, Katia has learned to think outside the box and solve problems more efficiently.

Striving to graduate in the fields of information technology, Miraine Galea has been studying Computing for the past four years and deems programming fascinating no matter how challenging.

Alexander Fiott opted for Information Technology as part of his post-secondary studies and believes that Information Technology is fascinating as it fuses logic and creativity, which have helped him grasp further knowledge of technology, as well as the benefits of the relationship between hardware and software.

Mandy Farrugia, a self-taught hobbyist and content writer, encourages everyone to become familiar with technology as it is a dynamic aspect on which humans have become so dependent as it has changed the way the average human communicates and satisfies their daily needs.

Amy Ann Debono has contributed greatly to the team since the very start. She has launched a fundraiser and has excellent communication skills gained through extracurricular activities, such as girl-guides. She opted for Computing as her additional subject in secondary school and is intrigued by robotics.

Highly intrigued in embedded systems and robotics, Thomas Gatt, lecturer of website & database design and mobile application development, has been involved in the MCAST’s winning Malta Robotics Olympiad team where he was in charge of keeping track of data from a range of sensors and programming a robot to follow tracks sans human intervention. Furthermore, he spends his free time working on Do-It-Yourself projects, which he is currently enhancing using machine learning techniques.

Director of the IICT Institute Conrad Vassallo has a penchant for robotics & embedded systems, Do-It-Yourself projects, 3D printers, software development, digital musical instruments, home automation, and drones. He has worked on several open-source projects and has at some point worked on a prototype for a foreign company specializing in home automation and smart appliances.




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