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Thiha Zaw
Thiha Zaw is a second year student and is studying Mechatronics Engineering in Yangon Technological University. He is interested in Robotics and has strong curiosity in Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, and Astronautical Engineering. That’s why he chose Mechatronics Engineering as his major, but since the university does not teach subjects related to Astronomy, he has to do self-study about them. Rovers and satellites all over the space and planets inspired him to become a Robotics Engineering student. At one point, he wanted to be a physicist, but according to the education system of Myanmar, he had to choose Engineering over Physics. However, he is still learning Physics by himself from books and on the internet. He is also eager to create a space agency in his own country.

Till now, he had competed three Robotic competitions and several projects like Half-humanoid robot, self balancing and other arduino projects and he took roles in mechanical design and sometimes electronics and also the main driver of his robotic team. Currently he is doing research in humanoid robot, Robotic Arms and preparing for FIRST Global Robotic competition.

His favourite things and persons are Saturn V, Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy (his favourite rockets ever), International Space Station and the Hubble space telescope (his favourite satellites revolving around the earth), Curiosity Mars rover (favourite Rover), Isacc Newton, Nikola Tesla, James Clerk Maxwell, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking(favourite scientists), Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold And Iron Cross (favourite bands).

In his free time, he likes to play guitar, sing a song and sometimes play football (he is a big fan of Arsenal football club in England Premier League). He also likes to watch science fiction movies (Star Trek and Interstellar are his favourite movies in sci-fi). And sometimes he does nothing but lying on the bed and thinks about how the universe is going on.

Thaw Dar San
Thaw Dar San is a second year student who is currently studying Mechatronics Engineer in Yangon Technological University (Center of Excellence).  When she was 15 years old, she became interested in mathematics and physics. She learned basic financial and economics with the help of her sister in her holidays. After she read some engineering books that she found from her dad’s collection, she  realized that she can read them all day long and got so many inspiration from those. They made her get interested in engineering, which made her choose YTU. Starting from that, she got many opportunities to learn what she wants.

In her first year, she competed the challenge called Rolympic and took role as designer. Her team didn’t get any prize but she can tell strongly that this challenge made her team get more interested in robotics. She also competed two more robotics challenges and got winner from them. In all of them, she took the role as designer. Her other interest is arts (she painted a picture of her University with other friends and had been shown in SU’s day ceremony). She also did a project about Open Cat Robot with two of her friends which turned out to be not so successful project. Along with her research, she is also doing a mini project about Six DOF robotic arm and a huge project which is humanoid robot.

She likes to watch animes about sci-fi and fantasy. She also to play games in her free time. She believes that all the things in the universe are connected and useful as the way they are. Robotics is also an art and have to know some medical basics in some time and have to know about some economics to let the people know about it. She believes that she will continue pursuing robotics and engineering in the future.

Hein Htut Zaw
Hein Htut Zaw is a Mechatronics Engineering student from Yangon Technological University. He loves creating things. He’s not the type of person who likes boundaries and rules. He likes to think outside the box, and sometimes, he tears the box apart. He tried new things after the high school final examination and found out what he wants to study, robotics and AI.

He had done 3 robotic competitions so far, out of which, he has won 2 championships. The one where the team did not win was his first competition, and he blamed himself for it, but his teammates cheered him up and learned a lot of lessons from the mistakes. They were quite good memories.

He prefers algorithms and maths than design and electronics. But he enjoys learning about all of the science topics actually. In his free time, he’d play football or mess around with his friends. He’s a big fan of OneRepublic and James Arthur.

He doesn’t think that much for the future. He loves making robots but there’s something that he prefers, being with those goofy friends everyday and night when we were working.

Khant Kyaw Khaung
Khant Kyaw Khaung is a second year Mechatronics Engineering major at Yangon Technological University. He is currently taking part in FIRST Global Challenge as a programmer. He usually loves to do projects with no idea in mind. One of the projects he had done is the Rubik’s cube solver.

Having experimented with AutoCAD since childhood, he initially wanted to be an architect, but one day his father sent him to computer programming course, and that was his first experience with programming. There he got a chance to make his own 2D games and that’s when he got bored with drawing home designs, finally understood that programming was his true passion.

Win Naing Kyaw
Willy (Win Naing Kyaw) is a second-year student who is currently studying at Yangon Technological University under Mining Engineering. As he is enthusiastic about making DIY things and technology, although he is not majoring in Mechatronics, he still does a lot of mechatronics projects.

Because of his father is a Maths teacher, he has a lot of influence over Willy by teaching him the inspirational theories about maths while my mother supports his endeavors.

After graduating high school at the age of 15, he worked at an innovative company called 360ed for 6 months for further experience before starting his undergraduate studies. There, his interest in Robotics and technology grows greater and stronger.

His greatest dream is to become a computer scientist. He hopes this competition will have big changes in my life and also in my knowledge.

Htet Myat Aung (Mentor)
Htet Myat Aung is a fifth year student studying Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering in Yangon Technological University -YTU (Center of Excellence). Throughout his undergraduate life, he founded and became President of very first Science Club of YTU called Cluster of Science and Technology – CST on his 2nd year, Organizer, Game Designer,Mentor and Founder/Co-Founder of Robotics games like LEGO Sumo Challenge-2017, Mini-Rolympics-2018, Rolympics 2019 and Robotians 2019 and also he is mentoring, coaching and training his university’s Robotics Teams like Team Yangon of Myanmar RoboLeague-2019.

On the field of Research, he had joined under Professor Aung Myo Thant Sin for exoskeleton research in his 2nd year. Again he gave training and lectures to a lot of junior students about Coding and Mechanical Designs during his lecture breaks and semester breaks. In 3rd year semester breaks of 2017, he started making a very first half humanoid robot(prototype version 0.01) with his junior team. After long exposure in research field, he had founded his own Robotics Research Lab which is now called LORA-Lab of Robotics and A.i on June 2019 and became head researcher and founder of the lab. He is currently doing research about Humanoid Robot with his junior team (including these 5 junior students of the FIRST Global Challenge).

His eager in robotics will not be changed as he enjoys so much on creating robots since 8 years old and he has a strong will and vision to create a Robotics Company like Boston Dynamics. His favourite subjects are Mathematics and Physics as those are the basic fundamentals of creating a robot’s structure and its algorithm. Along with his talent in Art and Sketching, he loves to spend his free time in drawing portraits, designing Car Models and Robots. Reading Books is one of his favourites too. When it came to Mecha, he is the biggest fan of Mobile Suit GUNDAM series, Pacific Rim, Code Geass, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Macross and as in real life, the real Mecha suits such as Kuratas, Megabots Mk3-the Eagle Prime and Method-1 robot. And again most of his schedules are actually filled with studying Machine Learning and Deep Learning for his upcoming robotics projects. His dream is to meet up with Dr. Dennis Hong from Romela Lab at UCLA (who is his inspirational professor of all time) and work together with him inside his Romela Lab.



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