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We have grown as a civilization, we discover fire, the wheel, we look towards the stars and we reach the moon, however we forget to look back, below us, the earth that shelters us, this land that saw us being born; now we watch her die. Water is our main source of life, but today our rivers and oceans drown. They drown in pollution, caused by us. The goal, it is clear, is to put our grain of sand in order to start cleaning our oceans, infested with more than 8 million tons of plastic. The solution, start by cleaning our rivers, so that all that does not reach the ocean. In Peru is born the widest and largest river in the world, the Amazon. We are called Jungle Rivers, and we represent the strength and bravery of our Amazonian river, with the only mission of cleaning the arteries of our planet.

We have consolidated as a team as we were acquiring greater mastery in each of the aspects involved in working with robots. Our goal is not only to make our prototypes capable of performing multiple tasks with the least investment of processes; but, and especially, to propose viable alternatives of simplification in automated production; and even better if we manage, at the same time, to reduce the impact of big industry on the environment; in this way, robotics would allow us not only to save…

The path we have traveled with our robots has reoriented our preferences for future occupations and work; so much so, that we are considering committing ourselves entirely to the task of inventing, perfecting, and proposing the use of automated equipment to make the life of human beings less boring, more productive, and more entertaining.

Our team consists of seven people: first, we have Ariana, known as Wassú, our Mentor, the most empathic of the group. Then we have Manga, the inexhaustible source of ideas for endless purposes. Those responsible for the operation of our designs is Joaquin, also known as Monkey, and Almira, always predisposed to do everything necessary for the robot to work. Next, we have Yaasiela, who has the spirit of leadership that the team always needs; there is also Jose, always ready to program.

It is a pleasure to participate in FIRST Global Challenge 2019.



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