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Dmitry Paramoshin: Since childhood, I was interested in the invention of robots. This hobby has become a part of my life. I want to create robots that can protect nature and save people in extreme situations. The problem of the safe existence of our world is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to find solutions and create robotic mechanisms to save nature and humanity. I would like to implement my ideas during the FIRST Global robotics festival in Dubai. I am glad that I can work in a team of real professionals and hope to build the best robot. After graduating from the faculty of robotics of the Technical University named after Nikolay Bauman, I am going to develop robotic transport systems for the installation of mechanisms for cleaning reservoirs, rivers and seas. I will put all my strength, knowledge and experience to the Russian team became the winner at the festival in Dubai.

Dmitrii Koshkin: From childhood I loved to create different things related to electronics. It was very interesting to me. At the 5th grade my teacher introduced me to robotics. Since that moment I really got carried away by creating robots and many time took part in different robotics competitions. On April 2019 I graduated from Samsung IT school with diploma project – Mobile application for speech therapists which help to automate and improve sounds pronunciation. I also do sailing. I like to enjoy the water landscapes during training. And I am very worried about the problem of water pollution. And I do not want to remain indifferent in solving this problem. I’m very happy that I can participate in such an event as the FIRST Global Challenge. From the FIRST Global Challenge I expect new acquaintances, knowledge, and skills that will help us all together to keep our environment clean.

Egor Naumov: Since my childhood I was really curious, and really excited to learn everything new. I was born in a family of a programmer, so I learned a lot about PC in early age. Also, I was interested in designing some machines with Lego Technics. In 2010, my family moved to Khimki, Moscow region. Here I went to school, where I soon started to learn HUNA roboto-technic as an optional class. Then I worked with the different kits: Lego Mindstorms, Arduino, Raspberry PI, STEK etc. My school team visited a lot of challenges all over Russia and won some prizes too. Now I’m taking part in some projects, which can improve life in Russia. For example, the last one is: Smart Traffic light. This system’s being developed to reduce traffic on a crossroads. Also, I’m very interested in PC components and how they work together in a system. Recently I found out about the FIRST Global Challenge event. I’m really worry about ecological state of the Earth. Ocean and air pollution are the most important issues of our generation. I and my friends did some machines to reduce pollution in Moscow region. For example, we constructed rubbish bin, which could sort different types of trash. It didn’t work so well, but we’re actually helping our environment. I hope that our skills will help us to cope successfully with the task proposed. I will be really glad and looking forward to work on this competition within my team. I hope FG will attract people to the problem of Earth pollution and more people will think about the problems of our planet.

Safiulin Danil: I grew up in a village near the town of Krasnogorsk, now the Moscow region. Since elementary school I have been fond of building and programming robots with different functions. I started learning different programming languages. At the end of elementary school, I knew I wanted to be a robotics engineer. In high school, I learned that robotics is closely related to the natural Sciences. Now I am in the 9th grade and learned about the FIRST Global Challenge. I am a prize-winner of various Olympiads and competitions in robotics. I attend classes in Neurotechnology, where I learn to read the bio-signals of my body with the help of sensors and control devices with the “power of thought”. I began to develop the project “Neuroprotection of domestic space.” I believe that the future of our country depends on ambitious, creative, young people. Going to the wonderful robotics festival in the UAE to participate in solving the important global problem of cleaning the oceans, I hope to gain new skills in robotics, teamwork and contribute to the future of our planet. I believe that the FIRST Global Challenge will consolidate young people to solve environmental problems. I will try to lead my team to victory.

Roman: My favorite hobby is the creation of robots, so I am fond of designers. I especially like LEGO TECHNICS, because its parts can be used to design and implement non-standard mechanisms and electronic devices. For example, I managed to assemble an industrial robot with manipulators and a printer. I took a course in designing mechanisms and machines in adobe Fusion. My projects “pantograph”, “diaphragm shutter”, “developing cube” and “snowmobile with radio control” successfully participated in technical modeling competitions. Since the age of 10 I have been actively engaged in the section of technical and rocket modeling. In 2017, I participated in the open championship of the Moscow aviation Institute (MAI) in missile modeling and took 3rd place there. In 2018, I took part in the world rocket Championships. I acquired skills of remote control of planes and I hope that these skills can be useful to team in the FIRST Global Challenge. 

Anastasiia Smetanina: I’ve always wondered how cameras, phones and computers work. When I watch robot movies, I think, can we breathe life into iron?”. When I came to the Robo master robotics club, I thought,” how can we get a machine to do what a human needs to do? “Later I realized that in order to solve such a complex problem, it is necessary to study and use such Sciences as physics, mathematics, engineering and technology. In my free time I do sports and painting. And of course, I always have time for friends and family. I am a very cheerful and calm person. I believe that my enthusiasm and positive ambitions will help me to succeed in my life. With the development of the world, new problems arise. We are a young generation and we need to use all of humanity’s previous experience to deal with them and move forward.

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