Team Iraq 2020 🇮🇶

Team Iraq is a project by Science Camp (the Iraqi maker space / Fab Lab), as the exclusive partner for FIRST Global Committee to represent Team Iraq in the global competition, because Science Camp is preaching for STEM education as well as being an activist in the UN SDGs on the ground.

Team Iraq was established in March 2017 and has been participating in the FIRST Global Challenge since 2017 (currently the 4th year in a row), by generous support from our international friends in the diplomatic missions in Iraq.

Our team usually consists of STEM enthusiasts. The majority of our team (founder, mentors & students) are experienced in international exchange programs, and they have international friendships while being active in peacebuilding.

To provide a better experience and more inclusiveness, and to keep Team Iraq renew members, Science Camp makes Team Iraq consists of air team (the official and fits FIRST Global Challenge criteria & requirements), and ground team (under age STEM enthusiasts, who plan to be next year’s air team). This team design makes it more inclusive from team numbers and ages, with better reach out and gain experiences for wide segments of youth.

But this year we all became on-ground working together due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which is an opportunity to experience how to be together online by using the power of STEM.

Team Iraq is usually divided functionally into mechanic & design, programming, and media, to cover all the FIRST Global Challenge annual requirements, and to provide organized teamwork.

Science Camp as a maker space and Fab Lab, with international & local mentors & experts’ network, activists in UN SDGs, and supporting education with good connection with the gifted students’ schools and STEM enthusiast’s youth, and provides a well-equipped infrastructure of workshops & tools for innovation, represents the best incubator to build, support, and launch Team Iraq, to represent the country with peacebuilding, cultural exchange, and global friendship responsibilities with the STEM theme to work together to solve the global issues as human.

Every year, Team Iraq students experience exciting social & cultural experiments through they learn more about other countries’ languages, culture, and food, and carry the message of correcting the stereotype of Iraq, which is mainly related to the misleading media of war & conflict. They show that they belong to the global youth with their deep history towards the global future based on innovation & big dreams.

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