Team Latvia 2020 🇱🇻

We have a team… We are from Latvia… Yeah… TEAM LATVIA!

We are a team of students from Centre of Creative Learning “Annas 2”, situated in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Here are some interesting facts about us.

Our team consists of four students: Ričards Liškovskis, Kristofers Nīmanis, Reinis Āboltiņš, Reinis Araks, and our mentor Egmonts Pavlovskis.

  • Ričards Liškovskis is interested in electronics and programming. Ričards was inspired, when he went to a factory and saw how robots and industrial equipment work. He did some projects such as a small meteorological station and an autonomous toy car. One of Richard’s largest programming projects he is working on is an electronic system that makes changes to the school schedule more accessible for students. In his spare time, he enjoys playing table tennis. In table tennis, as well as in technology, accuracy and the ability to think a step forward are very important.
  • Kristofers Nīmanis is interested in various technology topics, some of them are electronics, programming, 3D modeling/printing. He mostly makes small electronic devices that often have microcontrollers in them. Kristofers also programs these microcontrollers. Most recently, one of his bigger projects he made was a device that can cool/heat any electronic component to 0-60°C for test and measurement purposes. He has also made an antenna to receive weather satellite data from space. In addition to various electronics, Kristofers is also interested in physics and space. He keeps up with various space events, as well as the latest developments in the rocket and satellite industry. Kristofers is fascinated by the complexity and technological advances made by these machines and he will always want to hear the latest scientific discoveries about the universe.
  • Reinis Āboltiņš was introduced to electronics when he tried to find a new hobby. Reinis has made practical projects such as a flashing light circuit that changes the light combinations and the flashing speed with a proximity sensor, as well as a circuit that reacts to touch. Aside electronics, he also does bouldering. Both bouldering and robotics require concentration, dedication, as well as experience.
  • Reinis Araks is interested in the technology of today and is very fascinated by how fast the technology is developing. The interest started by seeing the new electronics being released and the interest in how they work developed quickly. In his spare time, Reinis enjoys individual sports such as cycling, running, skiing, swimming, as well as folk dancing.

We are convinced that most goals can be achieved by working together and that initiatives such as FIRST global can make the world a better place.

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