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Liberia as a country has suffered and continues to experience the pieces of our conflict that greatly voided the cultural norms, values and aspirations of children while the rest of the world is speedily moving on the technological stage. We live in a country where our parents or citizens believe that the building of robots by Liberia kids is the biggest comedy or myth. We live in a country where almost half of our youthful population are wiping away due to negative influences, while the rest of the surviving youths practice and take politics as a career.

However, the glorious inceptions of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Global mission & vision in Liberia since 2017 didn’t just come as a joyous day break to the children of Liberia, it came as a beacon of hope in the form of a STEM barrier-breaking revolution, which continues to explode the minds of our kids that Liberia can not only be a beneficiary of scientific discoveries and inventions, but we ourselves can join hands with the world, take up research in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, tackle the world’s most grand challenges, and improve quality of life for mankind.

Moreover, the results and impact of robotics education ranging for FIRST Global Inauguration Challenge where Team Liberia displayed astronomical performance to the Ocean Opportunities challenge held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Team Liberia has embarked on an adventure of inspiring young Liberian students to grow passion for STEM education with a visit of over fifty schools, spreading the mission and vision of FIRST, until the Corona Virus Pandemic stagnation. Team Liberia upon their return from Dubai quickly transitioned into a full-fledged organization called STEM Club Team Liberia, based in Monrovia. STEM Club Team Liberia envisioned building a unique and unparalleled platform for both the privileged and underprivileged students and youths of Liberia to come together in one place, in order to share knowledge, discover, invent, design, and build a new Liberia through the innovations of Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics.

FIRST Challenge Team Liberia 2020 season Students

Name                          Age       School                                              Ambition      

Girder Zoegar            15yrs     J.J Roberts UM High School            Brain Surgeon

Charlene Clarke         15yrs     Onance International School         Medical Doctor

Dani Kerkula            15yrs     Seven Day Advantist School          Civil Engineer

William Sirleaf,          16yrs     Vera A. Stephen High Schools        Computer Engineer

William Clarke           16yrs    Cathedral Catholic High School     Chemist

Mayango Joyfe           15yrs     St. Kizito Catholic High                     Architecture Engineer

William Smith            12yrs     Vera A. Stephens High School        Network Engineer

Mohammed Konneh 16yrs     William Both Salvation Army        Aerospace Engineer


Team Liberia mentors are passionate young Liberians who desirous of growing and teaching kids to be innovative through robots design, programming and simulations that comprised of engineers and former students of team Liberia. They include: Redeemer J. Wonsiah, Nuepaul D. Kortu, Micelia Angeline Clarke, Arzuo Joyfe, Celine Morris, and Wanjiru Elizabeth Nimely.

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