Team Namibia 2020 🇳🇦

Ama is a vibrant, reserved, and multilingual 17-year-old girl. She is interested in Science and Technology and the fascination of the significance of it draws her closer to it. Hence, she has taken up this opportunity to join the FIRST Global 2020 team. She loves learning new cultures and engaging in impactful community activities. She has received several sciences and languages awards.

Azor Hijarunguru is 17 years old and is love with technology. He became interested in robotics when he saw a demonstration at his local school. Azor would like to be an Engineer, although, he is not yet certain about the aspect of engineering to specialise in.

Dennis de Abreu is 17 years old and at a much younger age, he worked with his cousin who owned a toy business outfit to fix and experiment with robotic toys. Through this exposure, he developed interest in robotics. Dennis wants to become an aeronautical engineer in the future as well as specialise in Mechatronics and he has competed in a number of science fairs.

Eunike is 17 years old and her passion for Robotics was stirred up by the FIRST Global 2018 team during their demonstration to sensitize students’ interest in STEM. She has received a number of awards in Natural Science, Entrepreneurship and Geography. Eunike aspires to become a Paediatric Cardiologist. She loves travelling, music and plays guitar.

Giovanni Gariseb, a member of the Learners’ Representative Council (LRC) at Delta Secondary School, Windhoek, Namibia, is 17 years old. He enjoys reading books especially Science Fiction and watching Documentaries and these have ignited his interest in robotics and science in general. Giovanni also drew his inspiration from Team Namibia 2018. He has programming skills and wishes to study Astronomy in any university of excellence and eventually work at a space agency such as NASA, ESA, SpaceX, etc. He has won several awards in Natural Science and Physical Science.

Jaylen is 17 years old and wishes to pursue Engineering Physics in the University. He enjoys acting, writing music, and playing football.

Jemimah Manzienkhosi Ndebele is a 16-year-old girl from a very culturally diverse background. She believes changing the world is her obligation and not a plan because as a youth, it is her responsibility to take charge of the future. Jemimah enjoys socialising with people from different backgrounds and managing events. She finds pleasure in painting, reading, and writing poetry. One of her long-term goals is to groom young orphaned children to not be a victim of their circumstances.

Nolan Ndokosho is 17 years old and has his strength in Physics. He enjoys design and technology as a subject. Nolan would like to be an Architect or a Mechanical Engineer.

Tuli is 17 years old and fascinated about being a Chemist. She would, therefore, love to study Biochemistry after high school. She wants to develop and test new medicines and vaccines to help her community. She draws inspiration from her father, who is a pharmacist. Tuli spends her time taking part in sports, helping with clean up campaigns and singing in the school choir.

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