FedEx – The Sponsor Who Connects Teams Worldwide with Robot Kits


The story of a FIRST Global robot kit is that of an international journey — from the shores of Shenzhen, China, to an office in Alexandria, Virginia, these packages travel millions of miles across all six inhabited continents to make their way to FIRST Global teams around the world. With one box, they start a life-changing adventure.

Responsible for the distribution of the robot kits to teams around the world, FedEx has been a key FIRST Global charitable sponsor ever since the beginning. For many participants, the FedEx delivery person is the first face they encounter on their journey.

“When FedEx delivered our robot kit, me and my team were so excited because that was us going one step closer towards our dreams, one step closer to changing the face of our nation,” said a girl from Team South Africa 2018.

These robot kits are vital to each team’s participation and success, but each represents more than a box of parts for building a competitive robot. To these STEM-minded youth, the kits are an education — a chance to gain skills and experience — and ultimately, a tool for them to use in building a better world.

FedEx employees have dedicated their time to furthering FIRST Global’s mission. Working with FIRST Global day-in and day-out, they ensure their support is not just a donation, but a long-term investment.

“FedEx is truly committed to the communities where we live and operate, and one of the ways we show that is through utilizing our abilities to connect people across countries,” said President of FedEx Express Mexico Jorge Torres. “By shipping all of these components we enable the FIRST Global Challenge to take place and its impact to grow.”