Midi Madigasikara: 2020 FIRST Global Challenge – Active support from the Ministry of Culture to the Madagascar national team

Noon Madagasikara

(Translated from French)

To recall, the Malagasy national team is currently ranked 5th place in the annual robotics competition 2020 edition (First Global Challenge 2020). Seven races from the end of the competition, it is still possible for our 5 youngsters to gain a few more ranks. And in this quest; Radolaza Léondaris RAFALINIAINA, Zo-Hary RALAMBOHARISOA, Tahiry Manantsiory RANDRIANJATOVO, Cynthia AMBININTSOA and Finoana Tiantsoa RAZAFINDRAKOTO, benefit from the unconditional support of the Ministry of Communication and Culture. The Minister of Communication, Lalatiana Andriatongarivo yesterday visited these young people at CEFOM Maibahoaka Ivato, a place assigned to the team for the regroupings and the adjustments of their creation. In addition to this, the MCC also took care of the catering of our young people and their coaches, the team’s outfits, etc.

For the four years that Madagascar has participated in this international competition, the teams under the aegis of the STEM4GOOD movement have continued to redouble their ingenuity in the field of robotics. For this year, the Malagasy national team has programmed a robot to help in the fight against Covid-19. Its use will limit physical contact between individuals in these times of a pandemic. Among other things, he will be responsible for transporting personal effects, meals and any other object. This robot can be controlled by a third party or operate in automatic mode. For the Minister, “supporting these young people is essential since they are models of work and tenacity for the Malagasy youth, and represent a whole country at the international level.”