Cayman’s 2019 national robotics team is getting ready for the FIRST Global Challenge in Dubai.

The students were qualified to be on the national team following their participation in “Rover Ruckus” held in May, as well as, a rigorous selection process.

The theme of the FIRST Global Challenge is “Ocean Opportunities” and focuses on the challenges in ocean pollution.

Technical mentor from CUC and TND engineer, Namitha Abraham, said being a part of the international contest is a learning experience of a lifetime for the students and guiding them is something very exciting to be a part of.

“This is a one time opportunity you probably don’t get every day, make the best use of it meet other kids just as smart as them,” Ms. Abraham said.

It is a view, Dart Senior Manager of Education Programmes, Glenda McTaggart, shares. Mrs. McTaggart added narrowing the 16 nominations down to 11 was no easy task and they had to go through multiple interviews.

“They really had to demonstrate to us why they earned a spot on the national team,” Mrs. McTaggart said.

Mr. Finch, a St. Ignatius Catholic School student, walked Cayman 27 through the team design that they prepared over the last two weeks.

“We have a shooting mechanism, so we analyze shooting the small pollutants from the top part of the processing barge, would be really beneficial to us to get top points,” Mr. Finch said.

Mr. Finch said being on the team is helping him.

“I want to go into a career in engineering, so working in a team would be very useful and getting those skills as a child is really beneficial,” Mr. Finch said.

Mr. Maitland, a Clifton Hunter High School student, agreed.

“From when I was young I’ve always liked tinkering with stuff, so it’s one of my big goals,” Mr. Maitland said.

Cayman will be facing 190 countries in the challenge.

The national robotics team is set to compete in Dubai in October 2019.

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