An encouraging participation in the FIRST Global robotic challenge

Three MCAST students who are studying software development and multimedia software development, have built a robot and competed in the Global Challenge Robot Olympics in Washington. One of the students is Andrea Abela who is a current student worker at MITA. We talked to him about his experience and how working with the Agency is helping him achieve his goals.
As a group of students, you have participated in the Global Challenge Robot Olympics. Is this the first challenge that has ever been organised or was it just the first time that Maltese students participated in it?
This was the first time that the company organised the Robot Olympics. Therefore, it was the first challenge for all the countries in the world.
What was this competition about?
Over a period of several months, the team had to build a robot. Once the robot was built, the team travelled to the United States of America where the competition was being organised and each team was assigned with the fixtures and the teams with whom it would be competing.
In each round of the competition, the teams were not competing on their own against individual opponents. Instead, the teams joined alliances which would then fight against other alliances. Initially, Malta’s alliance included the teams from the United States and from India. However, in each round the alliances were made from different teams. The amount of points gained through the alliances would then be awarded to the respective teams within the alliance.