Angola among the 10 best classified in the 2020 robotics world championship

Bwe Vip

(Translated from Portuguese.)

The world robotics championship has been taking place since 2017 and this year Angola is among the best classified players in the tournament, taking into account the situation the world is experiencing, the championship is happening online, at that moment, the Angolan team, is in 10 position.

According to young Marcos Zeca, electronics student and captain of the Angolan robotics team Angola, is participating in this championship for the third consecutive time.

A member of the team since July last year, Marcos told facts about the championship.

“The championship has been going on since 2017. The first time was in the USA, but Angola did not participate.”

The young man also reported that the team faced many difficulties to participate in the 2018 championship.

“In 2018, the first obstacle we faced was in the issue of documents. It took too long and did not allow all Team members to have opportunities to travel and only three people traveled in Mexico,” said the young man.

Asked if there were still other obstacles, the young man replied:

“Yes, the second obstacle is that our team even lost the competition robot at customs. The third obstacle was when one of the representatives of Team de Angola had problems with his flight ticket in Morocco. Angolan representatives were forced to return to Angola due to these obstacles this in 2018. The Youth also said that in 2019 Angola participated in the championship in Dubai with the theme The Ocean and its Opportunities. The third championship was held in Dubai in 2019 with the theme of the ocean and its opportunities,” said the young man.

This year’s meeting was scheduled, but, unfortunately due to the condition in which the world lives, things have changed in ways.

“This year was supposed to happen in person, but it is happening virtually and the theme is Connecting Communities,” revealed the young man.

The captain also said that at that moment, Angola is in 10th place in the classification.