Ashgabat Innovative: Preparations for the International Robotic Olympiad from Turkmen students

(Translated from Turkmen)

The FIRST Global Challenge robotics olympiad is held annually among millions of young people. The FIRST Global Challenge will be held online from June 27 to September 26 this year, covering the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In this major international Olympics, this year, participants are given a total of 29 assignments and are required to retire by September 26th. The 9th, 10th and 11th grades of the 97th Secondary School, which specializes in deepening language lessons from Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, are preparing for this FIRST Global Challenge in Technology. For this international competition, schoolchildren create a group called Oguzrobot of Turkmenistan and make a number of robots.

Mekan Cherkezov, Begli Rejepov, Ahmet Shikhliyev and Davut Akiyev, 11th graders of the school, built a robot named Oguzrobot and used to collect a lot of garbage in the water. In addition, Oguzrobot managed to win this international competition last year.

Oguljan Nuriyeva and Aylar Poladova from the 10th grade of the school, by creating a MRWMR (Mars Rover Waste Management Robot), a Mars garbage control robot, are able to collect garbage in various places. This is one of the features of the MRWMR robot, and the shape of the legs of this robot is similar to that of the Mars Rover robot that was launched to Mars this year.

Arslan Poladov, Nurmuhammer Nazarov, Ilham Rakhmanov, Maksat Kakajanov, Turan Nursahedov and Pirguly Ovezov from the 9th grade of the school also built two agricultural robots and an EduRobot. The agricultural robot, i.e., the agricultural robot, is able to irrigate and treat seeds by scattering seeds on fields and lands. The robot named EduRobot, on the other hand, is designed specifically for children and is able to teach them lessons and the environment (fruits, animals, …) easily.

These students are trained by Berdimyrat Yazhanov and Atamyrat Shakhanov, teachers of the school, and help them gain experience.