Elizabeth Moir Students to Participate in World’s First International Robot Olympics

With a mission to spread science and technology leadership around the world, FIRST Global is launching the world’s first International Robotics Olympiad for high school students which will take place from July 16 – 18 in Washington D.C.

More than 160 nations have registered to participate in the event, with each nation represented by one school robotics team. First Global will bring together high school students from all over the world to challenge these future STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) leaders to think of STEM rooted solutions to global challenges. The inaugural challenge involves designing, constructing and programming a robot which will be able to differentiate between clean and dirty water and ultimately provide access to clean and potable water.

In Sri Lanka, with the collaboration of Tech Assured Holdings (Pvt), it was Elizabeth Moir School’s immediate and enthusiastic response in the midst of tight deadlines that led to their selection as the official team that will represent the country in the 2017 FIRST Global Challenge.

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