Meet the Vietnam Robotics Team going to the international competition in Mexico

FPT High School

Translated from Vietnamese.

With the fire and enthusiasm, the second time to return to the competition FIRST Global Challenge, the Vietnamese team aspires to confirm the stature of Vietnam on the international stage. This year’s competition will be held in Mexico in August.

Robotics and aspirations spread the spirit of science in the community.

The Vietnamese team participating in the FIRST Global Challenge 2018 competition will be led by Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan – IoT Technology Specialist and Robotics, and founder of Maker Hanoi, young people in Hanoi. The team consists of 5 members, including two members who participated in the FIRST Global contest in Washington, DC in 2017, Nguyen Giang Nam (Class 11A2, FPT High School) and Nguyen Tuan Ha (Class 11A1). , FPT High School). The remaining three members are potential students and excellent performers from the Mini FIRST Vietnam Challenge with the participation of 10 North High Schools in the Hola Techday event on 22/4. You are Le Minh Quang (Grade 12, Specialist School), Tran Thao Nguyen (Class 10A1, FPT High School), Nguyen Phuong Nam (Class 10A3, FPT High School).

In April-July, the team launched the robot idea, June-July organized robot installation and thematic training and up to August 13 to participate in the contest in Mexico. After the competition, we will continue the journey of inspiration for the young community in Vietnam. The program will help us familiarize ourselves with the international playing field and inspire young Vietnamese to participate actively in STEM activities, preparing future journey for the 4.0 period.” Nguyen Giang Nam shared.

But the road is not without obstacles.

In order to be able to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico in 2018, the Vietnamese team will need to raise funds for travel, accommodation, meals, training equipment, training, professional robotics … This year, the organizing committee does not continue to sponsor the teams that make the team face many difficulties when it has to be self-sufficient. The team has now completed its application for funding and is working to reach out to businesses, organizations and individuals in the hope of getting support.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Ha added: “Another great difficulty for us is the time is not much. You and Jiangnan must review the SAT and Quang are urgently preparing for the high school graduation exam, members must design robots, programming, robot control training, application for funding, Design of brand identity, implementation of communication products at the request of the organizers … By mid-June, the new team can concentrate all forces to stabilize the team and complete the “robot” for the contest. “

The race in The FIRST Global Challenge 2018 is being urgently prepared, the difficulties will grow. But with a passion for science and a constant effort, the Vietnamese team is still trying to overcome all the challenges and affirm the position of the young generation not only in Vietnam but also in the international arena.

FIRST Global Challenge is held in Washington DC in the United States in 2017. There are 63 countries and more than 2,500 participants on 5 continents (each with its own national team). The competition has attracted 800 volunteers who are leading technology experts, with 51 foreign embassies in Washington, DC, to support the national team; over 100 international media outlets attended and reported, the event was broadcast live to every country in the world; A total of seven million miles were traveled on the way to the contest. In 2017, Vietnam has 6 students of FPT High School to participate in the contest, which is a potential team capable of designing flexible and technical robots. After 6 games, Vietnam ranked 57th out of 163 countries.

In 2018, Vietnam was invited to the FIRST Global Challenge held in Mexico (August 15-18, 1818) with the theme of Energy. More information about the contest is available at:

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