Mzia Robot Playing Basketball – Attracts Georgian Students to FIRST Global Competition

(Translated from Georgian)

Being well-known robot Game of the international competition of the “FIRST Global” – the robot to travel Mzia preparing. Last year, the team and the robot Vano 186 countries took the third place. This year, “Mzia” will try to improve the result of “Vano”.

This year’s competition will be held in Dubai at the end of October and its theme is Ocean Pollution. Participants are tasked with creating robots that can scrap waste and get to the processing point. In the game, instead of the ocean, a green field is arranged, where the imitation of waste is balls.

The Georgia team has been working on the robot for four months. It is staffed by 16-17 year-old students at Givi Zaldastanishvili Tbilisi American Academy. All members of the team are interested in robotics and engineering, some of whom also participated in the creation of Robot Vano last year.

Shalva Begiashvili, Ioane Kapanadze, Sophio Chikhladze, Mashiko Lortkipanidze, Nikoloz Kiladze and Tekle Khmiadashvili launched a robot with hundreds of other small details this year. Young inventors Damianne Kapanadze and Irakli Bakuradze are also actively helping the team and are involved in building the robot.

“After the announcement of the task, we have developed a unique strategy for our robot, which will enable us to earn as many points as possible in the competition,” – explains Shalva Begiashvili.

“As part of the competition, an alliance of 3-3 countries will be formed by secret ballot. Teams will play in the alliances, including the finals, with the constituent countries changing,” explains Ioane Kapanadze.

Last year, Georgia took third place out of 186 countries and returned home with a bronze medal. Improving this outcome for this year’s participants is a major challenge. They complain, though, as Shalva says, “If we go through to the final, we won’t lose!”

Team members are also watching robots from competing countries. Georgia is participating in the FIRST Global Challenge for the third consecutive year, so our team members have already learned a lesson:

“When we see competitors’ videos, there are some things that scare us, but we know that the key is not how the robot looks, the right strategy and teamwork,” Mashiko said.

The team mentors are their school teachers – Ilia Mestvirishvili and Archil Makashvili. They help the team generate ideas.

According to Nika Kiladze, working on “Mzia” is a great experience for them, which does not cover only the technical side. Over the past four months, team members have often argued with each other, even breaking the robot several times, eventually reaching a consensus. It is said that this is a working process that helps in development.

“We have a lot of arguments, but this is a healthy argument, and on the contrary, it pushes us to improve our robot and work better.

The process of working on the robot was fun for the kids too. On FIRST Global’s website are the details of the information to find, contestants biography of the lyrics encounter named – for Can we the a kick-it? Little inventors of physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering are convinced that they can.

The lyrics of the song belong to Mashiko Lortkipanidze, who sent it to Mentor Mail upon request. He liked it and showed it directly to the administration of First Global.

“I was traveling by train when I decided we needed to write a rap for our group, not for publishing, but for fun. Mentor Ilya read and asked me to post, and then we saw it posted on FIRST Global. I think they liked it too.

Song text for each verse is related to each member. And finally, our team’s message is, “Let’s come and meet you!”

Last year, a robot Vano churchkhela amovlebita and dancing was concerned, the new robot with modern trends in the development of the foot and is busy training. More specifically, it can hang and lift. He’s also a terrific basketball player.

Although the work on the robot is almost complete and the team members are ready for First Global, there is one problem – funding. Part of the team’s expenses was covered by the American Academy and TBC Status, though the funds needed to compete were not yet fully collected and remained for two weeks. Although First Global-‘s website donation it is possible, Fundraising still complicated.

“TBC Status stands by us and we want to thank him for giving us the opportunity to do what we love, helping us to compete in such a large international competition. Although TBC status has helped us a lot, this year the registration fee is much higher than last year – ten thousand dollars.

We are expecting another sponsor to appear in the next two weeks and allow us to represent Georgia at the international competition we have created with the robot “- Sophio Chikhladze noted.

The team members are confident that they will successfully compete for the prize pool and contribute to the fight against pollution of the oceans.

“Environmental pollution is a global problem that affects everyone, including our country. It is important for us to take part in resolving this issue,” says Tekle Khmiadashvili.

The Georgian Robotics Team will leave for Dubai on October 23.

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