PHOTO: Macedonian high school students take part in FIRST Global Challenge – an event that inspires youth innovation ideas

(Translated from Macedonian)

Macedonian high school students represented Macedonia at the FIRST Global Challenge held in Dubai this year from October 24th to 27th, winning the 65th place globally and second in the Balkans right behind Bosnia and Herzegovina, though the competition had a pivotal character Competitors are encouraged to think in an engineering way.

As a team, they received a set of parts to assemble the robot, which, with certain settings and programming, is capable of performing a series of tasks in a game themed around a global issue. This year the focus was on the environment and especially the ocean cleaning.

Mentor of the Macedonian team was Alma Ketsap from Macedonia who is a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, who as a young and ambitious enthusiast, managed to independently “elect” to participate in this huge event as a representative of our country (all neighboring countries have already participated), with a team of another mentor (Christian Grozdanovski) and 5 ambitious high school students (Ajla Ketsap, Anja Kuzevska, Emilija Mitovska, Kiril Spiroski and Nikola Jankovic).

The FIRST Global Challenge otherwise addresses and highlights the major challenges facing our planet and encourages next generations to build the STEM skills needed to address them.

The FIRST Global Challenge is an annual Olympics-style robotics event in which 191 countries around the world participate with teams of high school students (ages 3 – 5, ages 14 to 18) led by two mentors each participating team or country. . The event was held for the third year, each year in a different country, and this year the FIRST Global Challenge takes place in Dubai from October 24-27 (2017 in Washington, DC and 2018 in Mexico City).

FIRST Global is a public charity with a mission to inspire scientific and technological leadership and innovation ideas among young people of all nations, to broaden understanding, understand the importance of collaboration, address the most pressing issues in the world in order to address improve the quality of life for all. The organization strives to persuade governments and organizations around the world to embrace STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education and invest in their youth.

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