Robotic Olympics: money … waiting for gold in 2018 for young Alba-gaillonnais?

Translated from French.

They did not obtain the supreme coronation but in the immediate, the money sufficed for their happiness. Mathis and Quentin Giton and Antoine Poirrier, the son of Gaillon and Aubevoye’s teachers, were not unworthy at the recent Robotics Olympics held in the United States under the aegis of First Global.

First Global’s mission is to inspire scientific and technological leadership and innovation among young people from all nations, to increase understanding, encourage the importance of cooperation, address the world’s most pressing problems And improve the quality of life for all.
To find solutions

In this context, the first Robotic Olympiads aimed to show young people around the world that if they communicate, cooperate and work together, and use the tools of science and engineering to find solutions to major global problems, Water, energy, security, medicine, food and education, they will be able to accomplish great things and be part of a truly global community.

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