Robotics Tournament to bring together Ecuador’s fans

Translated from Spanish.

For the first time, people of all ages who have a hobby of robotics, can be part of the international tournament Robot Games Challenge Pacific. The activity organized by the club Robota of the Polytechnic School of the Coast (Espol) will be held from 4 to 7 October. On Wednesday, registrations will be completed through the website

According to Joselyn Villón, a student and member of the Robotics Club, this tournament aims to encourage the development of robotics-oriented projects, as well as contributing to the application of this branch in various fields, nationally and internationally.

She explained that in the competition 30 categories have been established in which they can compete under the age of 18.

Another novelty of the tournament is the participation without age limit. They will be able to be part of the categories battle, balance race, humanoids, insects, drones, boats, creativity, labyrinth, sumo. In addition, representatives of institutions, groups or independent individuals wishing to exhibit the creation of their robots may participate in the conference.

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