SMART Sistas championing Gender Equality in ICT

The Department of Women’s Affairs (DWA) has sponsored the SMART Sistas Program with an amount of Vt50,000.

The Director of DWA, Mrs Dorosday Kenneth Dhressen acknowledged the SMART Sistas for giving the department the opportunity to be able to give towards the SMART Sistas program.

“As partners in advancing women and girls role in our national development agenda, the potential for advancing Gender Equality into the future through the use of ICT by the next generation of women is very promising and we thank you for sharing this belief with us through the SMART Sistas initiative,” she said.

“We also thank you for your leadership towards this cause and look forward to receive updates from Mexico City.”

The Chairman of the SMART Sistas Committee, Rodney Philemon conveyed their appreciation to the DWA for the sponsorship.

“The committee, girls and their guardians are so grateful for continued support towards the SMART Sistas program since 2016. We will keep you informed on the progress of the team to Mexico City and the third Girls ICT Camp,” he said.

Mr Philemon stated that part of the funding will go towards the third Girls ICT Camp which will take place in Port Vila on August 13th-17th , 2018 alongside the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APRIGF) at Iririki Island Resort.

Two of the SMART Sistas, Ayla Nganga and Maeva Robert and their mentor, Alexandra Nganga are currently in Suva, Fiji for their US Visa Interview and will be back in country next week to prepare for the Mexico trip.

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