Special performance brought by six golden boys: Romania, world champion in robotics

Translated from Romanian.

Among the six youngsters who represented Romania at the Olympics in Mexico, Darius Lorinczi was the “brain” of the robot. Along with another colleague he handled the robot to meet all the requirements.

“I honestly do not realize that we have won so many things, which surprised me very much was the Einstein Award, which we did not expect, came suddenly. This prize came after the winner of the final. We could not believe it because the Einstein Award is the most important thing, “says Darius Lorinczi , from the RobotX Hunedoara team.

Andrei can say he is the veteran of the team in this competition. He, unlike his colleagues, participated last year at the Olympics.

“Last year we had an average result, I was somewhere in the 48th place in more than 150 countries, it really was not a bad result, but I could have done better, we had a match in which we had some bad luck and that’s why we had this place, if we had won that match, we probably were in the top 15, “explains Andrei Preda.

But this year Romania has taken revenge. Razvan handled the robot programming and was one of the four who were on the field team and brought the gold to the country.

“It was formidable, I think we still do not do exactly what has happened, it will take us a week to figure out exactly what we did and everything that happened, it was fabulous anyway, everything we lived through now, ” says Razvan Vartan.

They managed to build the best robot in the competition in less than three months.

“The robot has to take objects of various shapes and sizes and take them as quickly as possible to other places, sometimes even to another height, the contest was an energy metaphor, it had to power a number of power plants, whether it was solar panels, wind turbines, combustion plants or nuclear power stations, everything against the clock and against your opponents, “explains Mircea Nistor, technical coach of the RobotX Hunedoara team.

Teams from 175 countries competed.

In the final announcement of the competition Romania is mentioned with a gold medal in several categories and with the Einstein Award. In one of the competition categories, the Moldovan crew ranked third.

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