UBT: Successful Kosovo team continues to present the country in the robotics competition “FIRST Global Challenge”

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(Translated from Albanian)

The team made up of Elta Bajrami, Albana Hajdini, Vlera Saraçi and Penda Smajlaj, with Elita Hajrizi as mentor, have been representing Kosovo in the biggest international robotics challenge, the FIRST Global Challenge, which because of COVID-19 is being held online, for a couple of months now.

This challenge is hosting more than 170 countries from all around the world, which this year, differently from the previous ones, are using their technological and creative knowledge to solve different problems in their communities at real time.

Kosovo’s team, supported by UBT, has managed to successfully complete a lot of rounds in this virtual challenge.

According to the members of Team Kosovo, the participation in such an important event is an unforgettable experience, which they are working on extending to all the Kosovan youth.

“I’m very happy to be a part of Kosovo’s robotics team this year too and that we are doing our best to represent Kosovo in this competition. As young girls, we are trying to promote all the experiences we are taking from FIRST Global to all our peers in Kosovo, so that they too, get to have this experience and the incredible thrills that come with it”, says Elta Bajrami, one of the team members representing Kosovo in the FIRST Global Challenge.

Another team member of Kosovo’s robotics team, Vlera Saraçi, very happily claimed that her participation in this event, the ability to represent Kosovo in an international challenge, through the support of UBT, is helping her develop her skills even further.

“From my point of view, being able to be a part of a STEM competition is incredible, because i have been able to develop my skills, be they technical or social, most excitingly, i have been able to further my knowledge in the field of animation“, claimed Vlera Saraçi.

Albana Hajdini, the other team member, says that this year, the challenge has been a bit more different and challenging, because of the pandemic.

”This year, one of the challenges was for us to make a change in Kosovo and for the Kosovan youth. The way we decided to do this is by working on adding the development of STEM-based projects, which focus on solving particular problems concerning our communities, in the education system, firstly as an elective. This will ensure that Kosovan students will be learning more than simply theory, even that they will be more than capable to sit upon international “tables” and make changes.“, said Albana Hajdini, participant in the robotics challenge.

UBT, with its team, has represented Kosovo in this competition for a few years now. The team develops all its projects in UBT‘s Mechatronics Lab, and through this support and contribution, UBT has also won a gold medal from the organization.