Intibucá students to participate in Olympic Robotics Games in the USA

In the 21st century, it is becoming increasingly clear that the global challenges we face as a planet will require global, STEM inspired solutions from the lowest valleys to the highest mountains across the world. That is probably why the first news article to be published about a FIRST Global team, details the story of a group of aspiring engineers that fits that description to the letter.

In Honduras’ rural Department of Intibucá – where many families live on less than two dollars a day and the power lines do not provide enough electricity to run utilities that are considered basic kitchen appliances in many parts of the world – there is a FIRST Global team that treks across a literal mountain every day in order to acquire the STEM skills they need to be part of those global solutions.

With the help of some top notch computer technology and high speed internet access at their school, the Giant Slayers of Intibucá work to increase their STEM knowledge every day despite the fact that much of what they learn is often limited to the theoretical.

Through robotics however, the annual FIRST Global Challenge is providing the students of the isolated Department of Intibucá the opportunity to implement the theoretical science they have been learning, giving them a chance to increase their abilities by working on a practical application of the skills they been learning in class.

The David and Goliath story of Team Honduras is not just a perfect example of what FIRST Global is trying to accomplish by inspiring the world’s youth to pursue science and technology education, but the inspiration for Team Honduras’ name – the Giant Slayers.

To learn more about the Giant Slayers, you can read all about Team Honduras’ story in the La Tribuna article below.