Team Nepal will be participating in the Robot Olympics

Translated from Nepalese.

The Nepali team has been competing in the International Robot Olympics ‘FIRST Global Challenge’ organized in Mexico. In the competition, Shishir Vishwakarma, Earth Chowdhary, Swachin Shrestha and meaningful Sen, are participating in the competition. Timothy Singh, secretary of the Robotics Association of Nepal, is instructing Tim Nepal. The competition is going to be organized by the fast global.

Representatives from 160+ countries will participate in the event organized for August 16-18 to be organized by the party. Nepal has become the first participant in this kind of competition since last year.

Speaking on the occasion, Nepal Engineering Association President Hiram Shrestha said that Nepali youth could open the doors of potential in other sports like robots. He said that Nepal could show something in the future.

Robots have been provided with necessary kit for construction. It was very exciting for Team Nepal to be the main achievement and for the first time, in this kind of international competition, Vikas Gurung, president of Robotics Association of Nepal said.

Of course, the device, organized by the Robotics Association, last year, has been the winner of art, science and technology festival, among the people who are going to participate in the competition from Team Nepal. They were also students of Trinity College. Significantly, Kanziroova is studying in class 9 in the National School.

Associations had also played an important role in bringing the robot Robot Sophia into Nepal some time ago. Apart from this, various types of programs and competitions in robotics associations in Nepal have been in time.

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