Team Zambia performs beyond expectations at FIRST Global robotics competition

I HAD an opportunity to meet up with the young team that represented Zambia in the FIRST Global robotics competition help in Washington DC, a team of seven students and one mentor who came together to build EPOH, a robots name which means hope spelled backwards, this team of energetic confident young people rose to the challenge to defend the pride of a nation.

This year’s event attracted about 163 countries, every team with a robot, built with the same components but designed and programmed differently.

Team Zambia came out 32 out of 163 countries that participated in the event. The Zambian team was made up of Mwengwe Mpekansambo, Chewe Malupenga, Clivert Mande, Ephraim Mulilo, Makes Mwamba, Mphande Phiri and Jireh Katebe including the mentor Mr. Peter Lungu.

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