The students of Sfax represent Tunisia at the “Robot Olympiad” in Washington from 13 to 20 July 2017

Translated from Arabic.

A group of young people, consisting of 7 students from the Sfax Institute in Tunisia, will participate in the “FIRST Global Challenge”, the annual robotics event to be held in Washington DC from July 13 to October 20.

The group was selected by the First Skills Club of 40 African countries participating in the world’s first robotics Olympiad for secondary school students to create Africa’s potential opportunities through science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The mission of the FIRST Global Challenge is to inspire science and technology leadership and innovation among young people from all countries in order to increase understanding and inculcate the importance of cooperation, addressing the most pressing issues in the world and improving the quality of life for all. This is accomplished through the Global Global Challenge, which consists of an international robot game that will rotate among different countries each year. Let the young people of the world know that if they continue to collaborate and work together using science and engineering to find solutions to major challenges in the world, such as water, energy, security, medicine, food and education, they will be able to achieve great things and become part of a global society.

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