The young Albanian engineers to the “Olympic Games of robotics” in Mexico

Translated from Albanian.

Some young Albanians passionate about engineering, will again represent Albania in the “Robotic Olympics”, which will this time be held in Mexico.

Albania’s participation is facilitated by FIRST, a non-for-profit child-raising organization in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), and offers four different programs.

FIRST Global Challenge is one of the programs in which Albania participates for the second time. Teams from every country of the world are invited to the “Robotic Olympics”, and every year there is a different topic that addresses one of the 14 major challenges identified by the National Academy of Engineering.

Participants should build a robot to perform a game about one of the themes and compete in alliances on a playground. Albania’s team at “FIRST Global Challenge 2017″, was represented on the theme of water purity.

This was the first time that the Albanian flag was raised at this event in Washington D.C. The team managed to emerge 118th out of 160 participating countries.

This year, “robotic games” will be held in Mexico, and the theme chosen is: Energy Impact. But this time, the team faces some new challenges because, besides creating a robot, the team also needs a $ 12,000 financial aid, of which 3,000 are to be registered and to get the kit with the parts necessary for the robot, and 9 thousand for travel and accommodation costs.

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